Written By L. McGuire

In light of this earth age coming to a rapidly closing, humanity continues to degenerate faster than lighting. Each time I sit down to write the newsletter, I ponder how most humans ten years ago treated one other compared to now. Not only have I found the comparison to be shocking and disturbing but at times downright absolutely frightening. A few years ago even the youth respected their elders but the majority no longer does today. Even the children of today are just not what we old timers were. Sure all children have a sense of innocence to them however to me it seems that innocence has been stolen from them. In a world gone mad, today youths are forced to grow up! Life is so much faster now that children just don’t seem to have that innocence very long. How could they when they are fed franken food’s, given toxin vaccines, all sorts of modern high-tech day go-go-gadgets instead of playing kick the can. They are taught about the birds and bees in preschool where the old timers where taught this maybe in High School! Most of today’s youth are doped up and dumb down on pharmaceutical drugs. Then there are the youngsters that have witness extreme acts of violence on the television set or in real life. For instance, who’d ever think that something as innocent as going to a parade could turn out to be so terrifying?

As the reports state a New Orleans mother’s day parade, quickly turned chaotic as shots were fired into the crowd injuring 19 people including children! Truly the world has gone mad! I recall how summer just didn’t seem like summer without the community parade.

The excitement of sitting on the curve watching all the floats creep pass, seeing the police officers on the big horses strutting by, watching the clowns make animal balloons, the loud booms of the marching high school band, the anticipation of getting that one piece of bubble gum being thrown in the city streets and then the grand ending of seeing the massive fire truck with the sirens going off. Oh boy! Those were the days of innocence. Not having a care in the world! Yet in a world gone mad, the youth of today don’t even get to experience that joy. Fear seems to be lurking in the least suspecting places.

The truth is all respect of the fellow human at any age has simply vanished. Seems to have been carried off into some far distance place by the wind; leaving not a single trace of dignity behind. People are so far from ‘love thy neighbor’ that one cannot even go to church without constantly wondering if the person sitting next to them is a lunatic:

One of the main goals of the Illuminati is to have all churches, especially those funded by Big Brother, to be placed under lock and key. Each attack brings them one step closer in fulfilling/reaching that agenda. When I was growing up, church doors were always opened.

Twenty four hour supermarkets didn’t exist but the local church along with the hospital did operate at those hours. Those days are far from over; as each church that operates under the 501c tax exempt could have Security officers stationed at every entrance. Mega-church pastors such as Cefflor dollar won’t mind, since his church has not been spared from violence:

Actually just a few years ago Ceflo Dollar thought it was good to arm the ushers with guns to take church members out the back door with the purpose of shooting them dead:

Don’t let his Charismatic smile deceive you. This so called man of god is not all that nice. You don’t have to take my word for it though, just read what he did to his daughter. The article states how he is faced with battery and cruelty to children. If he can treat his daughter like that what will he do to a stranger?

Slowly we are losing the battle in freedom from every corner of society. Those of us who have eyes to see will understand that of course all this is in preparation for the upcoming N.W.O. take over. Those who refuse to submit to the coming Imposter’s reign of terror will be recycled right there on the church premises.

Let us not forget how it has been written:

“They shall put you out of the congregations, but an hour is coming when everyone who kills you shall think he is rendering service to Elohim. And this they shall do to you because they did not know the Father, nor Me.” –Yohanan|John 16:2-3

Notice how deceived these people are? See, beloved ones, Satan’s blood bath is coming! Once the Imposter begins its rule, the entire world will truly believe God’s Kingdom is here on earth! Therefore, all dissenters will be eliminated from the equation. When Jacob’s trouble (Great Tribulation) is upon humanity, the stooges will actually believe they are doing what is right yet in reality they do not know the Father or the Son!

“For there shall be a time when they shall not bear sound teaching, but according to their own desires, they shall heap up for themselves teachers tickling the ear.” -2 Timothy 4:3

From the bottom to the top and everything in between the world has found multi-teachers to do just that…’tickle the ears’! With His recent statements, the first Jesuit Pope has managed to jump start the great apostasy (the great falling away) by trying to erase the faith that was once delivered thousands of years ago (Jude 1:3).

To declare that all atheists that do good and not evil shall be redeemed, that is saved, is heresy of the utmost. To preach this from the ivory towers of the Vatican, the great whore herself is thus nullifying the Word of Yahuwah.

Though it is factual, that Yahushua did indeed redeem the entire world; Scriptures clearly state that all who believe in Yahushua shall be saved! Yahushua even told us what would happen to those who deny Him:

“But whoever shall deny Me before men, him I shall also deny before My Father who is in the heavens. “ –Matthew 10:33

In order to receive salvation one must acknowledge, believe in and accept the atoning blood of the true Passover Lamb, Yahushua! Atheists don’t believe therefore to them they don’t need Yahushua!

More from the article:

“Atheists should be seen as good people if they do good, Pope Francis said on Wednesday in his latest urging that people of all religions – or no religion – work together.”

Let us remember that it was Yahushua that declared, “no one is good except One-Elohim.” (Mark 10:18) To further expound on this, Scriptures tell us that “there is none righteous, no, not one!” (Romans 3:10) And we have also been told that “…Elohim be true, and end every man is a liar…” (Romans 3:4)

These claims that one does not need to believe in Yahushua to achieve salvation is the utmost heresy. Brothers and Sisters, this is a message of world unity. Let us not forget that it has been written that all nations, tongues and creeds will embrace the coming Imposter. The Pope is preparing the entire world for this horrific time. That is why He has been calling for all religions to unite just as his processor:

Once the mechanism of a one world system which includes a global currency along with a set of universal laws to govern humanity has been started, there is no stopping it. What better way to unite the entire world than to proclaim, “Being good is good enough! Just follow the golden deed path straight into heaven!”

Yahushua clearly told us that, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
–John 14:6

He further warned us that we should:

“Enter through the narrow gate! Because the gate is wide-and the way is broad-that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter in through it. Because the gate is narrow and the way is hard pressed which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”
-Matthew 7:13-14

The very next verse He also told us to beware of false prophets that come to us in sheep’s clothing. I speak a truth; much mercy has been given to us. Each of us has a lot to be thankful for. See Yahushua loved us enough to forewarn us of these matters which are rapidly unfolding before our eyes.

The problem now arises with this heresy is, ‘just who defines what good is?” Pope Francis? The United Nations? How ‘bout the Global Elite? Who or what entity will be the keeper of the moral code? Better yet, ponder how can one get an atheist to follow a set of laws especially if they do not even believe in a god? Simple, have them follow the moral laws of mankind.

What are these moral laws? I guarantee that the moral laws will be very sinister and lamb like (meaning they will appear to be of Eloah yet in reality will do away with Yahuwah’s Ten Commandments (our marriage vows). What laws then appear to come out of the Tanak but in reality are man-made? The Noahide Laws of course! These counterfeit laws will no doubt play a major part in the Great Apostasy.

I beseech you to perceive the writing on the wall! In order to achieve global peace there must be a set of universal laws that everyone must abide by. These Noahide Laws go by other names such as moral laws, human right laws.

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (-Yeshayahu|Isaiah 5:20)

Need I remind everyone that just a few years ago the Vatican along with the Pope embraced the Noahide Laws themselves? Once the first act starts they did was announced that the Sacred Name of the Creator could not be said in mass, worship services, and in songs.

We now see that line being drawn in the sand that the false prophet is stating all men can be good just by being good. And the Noahide Laws will indeed be the universal laws to govern all people, nations and tongues enforced by the False Prophet and the Imposter!

Each day that passes we are getting ever so closer to the time frame Yahushua referred to as Jacob’s Trouble or some say Great Tribulation (to learn more about this time please request our free DVD called (“The Imposter”). Instead of outrage over the Pope’s recent unscriptural teaching, people by the masses are jumping on the pope fan wagon. Here are just a few of the comments left by atheist themselves: (from the above website)

“I never really liked a Pope before. So far I like this one. Don’t mess it up Francis.”
“Good on you, Pope Francis.”
“Good for him. I don’t believe in the supernatural at all. I do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do–not because I’m “god fearing”. It’s nice that the new pope thinks that his “god” would be accepting of me and people like me. It doesn’t change me, but it’s nice.”
“I’m likin this guy. Maybe because the previous Pope was not entirely to my liking. Or, maybe a new era has finally arrived.”
“I’m an atheist – but if one took the time (as I have) to read about what Jebus was really saying it’s hard to argue he wasn’t a great figure who should be respected, and if it works for you “followed” …. Just sayin … This Pope is striking the right chord … Good for him ..”
“thank you-THANK YOU! finally a decent message from a non-follower who can see the man is trying to be an inclusive head of one church of many on this planet.”
“Finally, after all these years, a “breath of fresh air” coming out of the Vatican!”
“As an athiest I like his words. Its a nice sentiment and I hope it lowers the vitrol against us athiests.”
“yes…huge…and this Pope is just the man to do it for us!”
“As an atheist have heatedly argued with Catholic friends about whether one can act morally without religion. I am pleased to see that the Pope has come down on my side of the argument.”
“Best Pope, ever. IMHO….”
“Pope Francisco is doing a great job explaining things – addressing the right issues and perceptions in a very strong way.Bravo!”
“Thank you, Pope Francis. Those are beautiful words and will help open minds and bring people together.sincerely,”a devout atheist
“He is a force for good, I too like him very much.”
“Anyone who promotes world peace is alright in my book-atheist/agnostic”
“I must say this new Pope is sounding more and more like my understanding of the message of Christ. I am starting to like him.”
“Well, this old Atheist is sitting here smiling. This new Pope has already surpassed my expectations… Humanistically”
“Well, my jaw just hit the floor. I have liked a lot of what this pope has said, but this really takes the cake. Still not converting, but color me impressed.”
“I’m truly impressed by this statement. Maybe Francis really is a different kind of leader, someone who can bring Catholicism from the 18th century into the 21st. He just earned a big dose of respect from me, and I *hate* Catholicism.”
“This dude might be the real thing. A truly spiritual man as pope, I am amazed.”
“He is certainly a breath of fresh air to a ‘long-abandoned to higher ideals former Catholic’. The future may be brighter, more tolerant, kind, loving and patient…the real fruits of the spirit.”
“Pope Francis, With this one statement you may have begun a peace making movement between all of mankind who have disagreed about differing religions. The example you are living with humility and lack of the usually dressings of past popes encourages me to become a better person and to not rely on overly consumption of “worldly goods.” May God Bless you and keep you in his hands as you show the world the teachings of Jesus Christ.”
“I do have to say, as a devout agnostic raised SERIOUSLY Catholic, this is the first time I’ve been surprised by the statement of a modern pope. And I have to say the surprise is a pleasant one…”
“I have been blown away by the humbleness Pope Francis has demonstrated from the start, and this sermon could not have been a more welcomed and shockingly unexpected message from his holiness. I cannot begin to imagine Pope Benedict ever saying these words to the masses. I have such high hopes for the great things this Pope is going to accomplish and in the direction he will lead his flock.”

In reality those of us that are in Messiah, know that true freedom can only come from the indwelling of the Ruach Ha Qodesh! Despite Satan wanting to totally enslave each of us, there is a pure unexplained freedom found in Yahushua Ha Mashiach! If you don’t know HIM seek HIM now as time is of the essence.

Break free from the bondage of sin. Upon acknowledging HIM your stony heart will be circumcised with the love of Torah transforming you into a fountain of love! As the living waters flow within your being others will notice an indescribable radiance within you! Shalom will overcome you. If you don’t know HIM what are you waiting for? Don’t put this off any longer, embrace Yahushua today! Do not believe the Jesuit Pope Francis lies that everyone that does good can inherit eternal life.

In other news the Jesuit Pope has also been busy with performing exorcists:

Let us not forget that Satan cannot cast out Satan as outlined within the great book of Matthew 12:26-32.

Speaking of the Pope Time recently announced that this Pope was indeed the New World Pope:

In other Catholic news seems the virgin Mary may have some competition on her hands with the recent increase in another saint being worshiped. For years this saint was prayed to as an unofficial Catholic saint. But now has come to the public view.

This strange and demonic Mexican Saint called “La Santa Muerte” known as the death saint” is believed by many to be a savior and queen to them:

Believing in the doomsday delusion causes many to stop doing the Temple Work and instead run for the hills. Again there is nothing wrong with living in a commune in the hills or wherever but we are also to be working in the earth that is spreading the Besorah! Therefore, Body of Mashiach let us not jump the gun in end time prophetic events as those Millerites did!

“Her growth in the United States has been extraordinary,” said Andrew Chesnut, author of “Devoted to Death: Santa Muerte, the Skeleton Saint” and the Bishop Walter F. Sullivan Chair in Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. “Because you can ask her for anything, she has mass appeal and is now gaining a diverse group of followers throughout the country. She’s the ultimate multi-tasker.”

This is very satanic and demonic! Seems the closer we get to this earth age coming to it’s rapid closing the more and more we see these evil manifestations within certain religious groups. Even the old Pope had a horrific and evil looking sculpture the the RCC still keeps from 1971:

The Pope is not the only one calling on a New World Order. The United States Vice President Joe Biden recently also called for a New World Order:

“The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.” –Vice President Joe Biden, April 5, 2013

The world elites which include both the political and religious leaders continue to declared global governance. Of course, they are anticipating for the coming Imposter! They want everyone to lose their individuality.

Considering this entire message, do you know understand why just recently Glen Beck had a campaigned called “We are all Catholic now”:

Mitt Romney also made the same claims:

Do you see the bigger picture here beloved ones? The writing is on the wall as the world continues to prepare the way for the Imposter! This is why the Pope is trying to bring about global unity by claiming even atheist can go to heaven! They must lump everyone together in preparation for the coming Imposter. Yet, those of us who refuse this lie along with submitting to the coming horrific reign will be called terrorist. Actually, DHS has been given warnings out against those who literally believe in the Bible.

Even the military has been training troops to know that Christians along with Jews are extremists just like the al-Qaeda.

There was plenty of military training occurring during the ‘week of horror’ at the time of the Boston Marathon bombings! Streets were instantly turned into ghosts town as the city was placed under lock down! No one was safe from house to house inspections. All constitutional rights were void as the military did their business. When the suspect was finally found and the curfew lifted people by the thousands cheered!

There has been speculations flying around about this horrific attack being yet again another false flag.

During the same time as the manhunt was occurring a Texas fertilizer plant literally blew up! This one explosion left many dead and totally destroyed entire streets!

Some claim a missile hit the plant.

What I find very interesting and you should too is that the Texas Fertilizer Planr actually had a lawsuit out against Monsanto.

Another matter to consider is how to those in the Illuminati fire and sacrifice is crucial in feeding the demonic spirits. If children are killed then that makes the sacrifice even more holy to them. April 15, the Boston Marathon Bombing occured and on April 17th is when the Fertilizer Company was destroyed. Both inflicted fear with death of innocent people! Let us not forget how just a few years ago the Oklahoma City Bombing took place on April 19, 1995 and there was a day care in the building; the horrific assault against the Branch Davidians in Waco TX occurred April 19, 1993 were many lost their lives especially children; The Columbine School shooting occurred on April 20, 1999 again children involved along with the Virginia Tech Massacre that took place on April 16, 2007.

Regardless if all these events played upon some sinister scheme, the fact remains many children sadly died!

As we enter these last days the world continues to hold it’s breath as truly war is about to break forth on a global scale:

While we see the stage set for global war many people hearts continue to wax cold. The reason for this is because lawlessness continues to run amok.

The majority does not care about treating others the way they would want to be treated. Many have been given over to a reprobate mind. For these reasons we will continue to see beast like characteristics emerge from within the human race. Sure there have always been those horrible stories of children being abducted. A parent’s worst nightmare is to see their child’s face posted on a milk carton. Too many children end up never being found. How wonderful it when we hear the rare stories of how the child is reunited with their parents. This was the case for three families in Cleveland Ohio. Three young women were recently rescued in a Cleveland home. They were being held against their will for an entire decade. These women had to endure the most hideous acts against humanity that are just unthinkable:

Not to mentioned the lifelong terror these woman will have to overcome. Please keep them and their families in your prayers.

Even the young are suffering from cold hearts. For this reason alone we are seeing an exceptional rise in youth bullying. Sadly, many of these young children just can’t take it anymore so they turn to unthinkable ways to deal with the pain and angry. Out of frustration some fight back, others enter the world of hard core drugs for a means to escape while others simply end their life:

For a young woman to be raped and then to have video or pictures of her posted on the internet is just unthinkable! Truly, the world has gone mad!

The value of human life continues to degenerate. The killing of the innocent, helpless victims of abortion continues to reach record numbers. China recently reported that 336 million babies have been murdered just in forty years with its enforced family planning policy:

The murdering of the innocent is still murder no matter if it is enforced through the state or in a doctor’s office or at the local clinic. The “House of Horror” abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s was being tried as a murderer and found guilty. Thank goodness the employees can forward and admitted to the wrong doing:

While continuing to reduce the world’s population Durex (makers of condoms) SOS emergency campaign of getting as many condoms to couples in need ended up causing a bunch of embarrassment and back fired on them:

Speaking of ‘house of horror’s mostly everyone has heard of the massive cover-up of the secret underground abortions performed by RCC (Roman Catholic Church) could be in the millions also:

All State funded abortions should also be found guilty of murder. These mass murders will one day have to stand in Yahuwah’s courtroom. I wonder if Dr. Gosnell will be grinning then!

As the world continues to try to depopulate the masses according to Collin Brewer, 68, an independent councilor at Cornwall Council said that all ‘Disabled children cost too much and should be put down.”

Most of us would agree that we are to try to preserve human life by doing everything possible to retain life. However, places like Hospice are actually there to assist in destroying life…

This is no different than the ending scenes of the movie Soylent Green (1973) when there were facility’s available to assist the living in dying:

At 4:23 the man enters into that murdering facility.

Speaking of criminals, seems the definition of a true criminal recently got a face lift. If you received a medical bill that was in error you’d probably call the billing office and sort the matter out, right? Of course, why pay a bill you do not owe?

Proving the bill was made in error you are told to disregard it, you’d think it would be the end of it, so it would seem anyway. But this was not the case with Lisa Lindsay, a breast cancer survivor. She ended up in jail for not paying a $280 medical bill that she was told she didn’t even owe. Collection agencies have managed to find a loop hole to get people arrested for not paying medical bills, credit cards, even auto loans:

Clearly, the return of debtors’ prisons seems to be on the rise. Of course bringing debtors’ prisons back is in preparation for the upcoming take-over when the world’s economies crash! All those who refuse to submit to the new order will be thrown in jail even if they cannot pay the bills. That is why now more than ever each believer needs to be getting out of debt!

Even the military is making surprising cuts at the expensive of those serving their country:

As the economy seems to be hurting many more people are looking for ways to save money even if that means putting their lives in jeopardy. Now consider how one can go to jail over unpaid medical bills, I’m sure we will continue to see a major surge in underground unlicensed medical procedures. There have always been back alley abortions but who’d ever think of basement dentists?

This guy was actually doing dental work from his car:

It seems many American’s are starting to hold their values as desperate time’s calls for desperate measures! The economies woes are bringing out the worst. Just ask one boy who was sent to jail because he ate his mother’s pop-tart:

Another mother wanted a baby so badly that she went to the extreme in having her 14 year-old daughter inseminating herself with donor sperm.

There are many different methods on the market today to help one quit smoking; the patch, nicotine gum, hypnosis, depressant pills and the most recent the smokeless cigarette. If one cannot afford these options what are they do to? A woman in Sacramento was so desperate to quit smoking that she actually slapped a Police Officer in the face just to get thrown in jail to help her quite the habit:

Yep desperate times call for desperate measures as a woman in Ohio didn’t need a permit to carry her two loaded barrels.

Speaking of Milk and other dairy products:

Seems doctors are concerned over a new superbug:

That is not the only super bug seems we have to be concerned about:

A new strain of bird flu has also got some very concerned:

The things people are doing are just unthinkable. The sad part is we haven’t seen anything yet though! There will be rioting in the streets of American if or when the government decides to pull a ‘Cyprus on us’:

And it has already been made into law that the Government can have access to your bank account:

By doing this the government is more able to profile you! Just more information to be stored for later use against, we the people. Some more information about the US economy:

As of June 1st, all Yahoo users will have to upgrade their account. By giving their consent this means that Yahoo will be able to “scan and analyze every email they write or receive. According to Yahoo’s help page, all users who make the transition agree to let the company perform “content scanning and analyzing of your communications content” to target ads, offer products, and perform “abuse protection.”

If you read all of the fine print you have a choice to opt out of this analyzing of your communications content by going here.

Clearly this world continues to spin out of control as we enter into these last few moments of humanity. I’m thus reminded that it has been written:

“He who does wrong, let him do more wrong; he who is filthy, let him be filthier; he who is righteous, let him be more righteous; he who is set-apart, let him be more set-apart.”-Revelation 22:11

If you read all of the fine print you have a choice to opt out of this analyzing of your communications content by going here.

Clearly this world continues to spin out of control as we enter into these last few moments of humanity. I’m thus reminded that it has been written:

“He who does wrong, let him do more wrong; he who is filthy, let him be filthier; he who is righteous, let him be more righteous; he who is set-apart, let him be more set-apart.”-Revelation 22:11

The Britain scientist’s may get the green light on allowing three people’s DNA to be used on embryos in combating against certain diseases such as mitochondrial disease. These mad scientists continue to go places they ought not to go. The mixing of DNA (plant, animal, human) was one of the main reasons why the flood came.

“and the sons of men in those days took from the cattle of the earth, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air, and taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord.” -Jasher 3:18

China Scientists have also jumped on the band wagon of wanting to tinker with human DNA. Yep, seems there will be a new era of breeding upon mankind. Kicking their genetic eugenic program in full force their agenda is to produce the ‘smarter human”.

Gathering DNA from various intelligent humans they believe they can actually produce geniuses. Creating smarter people they believe could help them in economic productivity. As the article states:

“human organisms might be genetically redesigned to require less food, air, and water. Indeed smaller people would be the simplest way of increasing metabolic efficiency (measured as number of people maintained by a given resource throughput). To my knowledge no one has yet suggested breeding smaller people as a way to avoid limiting births, but that probably just reflects my ignorance. We have, however, been busy breeding and genetically engineering larger and faster-growing plants and livestock. So far, the latter dissipative structures have been complementary with populations of human bodies, but in a finite and full world, the relationship will soon become competitive.”

I am thus reminded how we have been told that: knowledge shall increase: “…Many shall diligently search and knowledge shall increase.” (Daniel 12:4) yet on the flip side of this we have been told,’ always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (2 Timothy 3:7).

Truly, we have seen an incredible expanse in knowledge with quantum leaps. Who’d ever imagine wanting to do human eugenics programs to not only make people smarter but to actually make them smaller?

I don’t know why they want to go through so much trouble in making ‘smaller people’. If everyone continues to follow the Food Pyramid of eating a whopping 6 to 11 serving of grains per day not only will humans shrink as midgets will be the new giants.

But the entire human species could become extinct! Being recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease I have been forced to look into this matter. Trust me; listen to those who know that this food pyramid is wrong. Humans were not meant to consume grains. To make matters worse most grains such as corn and wheat have been genetically modified (GMO). I beseech you; don’t eat these things as they are slowly destroying our Temples. These grains are silent killers. They literally about knocked me out cold! I thought I was eating healthy, you know the whole grain thingy, and yeah that was me. I had no clue that healthy pasta, whole wheat bread and organic popcorn was slowly killing me! Everywhere we turn we have been told (brainwashed really) to eat more grains but as Melissa Diane Smith author of “Going Against the Grain” states humans were not meant to consume grains especially in large amounts. I strongly suggest doing what Dr. William Davis author of “Wheat Belly” has his patients go on a wheat free diet for 30 days to 3 months and see how they feel. The results have been phenomenon.

Despite being warned in Lev. 19 not to mix seed, man continues to make hybrid non-GMO food that is causing great sickness, diseases and killing vast amounts of human life. Yet the fake food factory Monsanto continues to ignore the warnings. Countries such as Japan and South Korean do not want any part of this poison as they have recently banned all US wheat:

I’m all for the ban as well since all wheat… no matter if it is whole grain, refined or even organic is poisonous:

China destroyed three GMO corn shipments from the United States:

These deadly seeds have actually spread across 16 states so the article state:

Monsanto is even working on their very own Monsanto Protection Act which would allow them to rule over the US Government:

Despite knowing how wicked and deadly GMO food is some of the biggest groups in the world continue to support Monsanto, such as the Gates Foundation. They have deeply invested in converting Asian and African agricultural to GMOs.

To those who do not know how dangerous GMO food really is, watch this movie called ‘Seeds of death’:

A list of food companies that do not want GMO labeling:

Thankfully there are other foods companies out there we can buy that are truly non-GMO:

Now that you know how harmful GMO Food is, Say NO to GMO!

In other medical news some people are going to the extreme to make sure they do not get certain cancers. Honestly, how much madder can this world get when women begin having double mastectomy out of fear of getting breast cancer? Did Angelina Jolie start a new trend amongst women? Only time will tell but for now the fear is truly there amongst millions of woman and this type of cancer is spreading to not just the old but the young also:

Seems people have not only gone mad, but the weather is also. Planet earth continues to get bomb-barded with dangerous weather phenomenon’s. These patters of one extreme to the next all have to do with the poles shifting position. The wicked weather continues to spam across the nation. There seems to be no letting up as the weather grows very unpredictable:

Just within one month Duluth, Minn., for example got hammered with 51 inches of snow just within the month of April as Boulder, Colorado saw 47 inches of snow in April:

The winter went out like a lion as the winter storm Zeus went through many states.

Yet winter still was not over as Achilles left more historic snow falls in the month of May:

No sooner than the snow left many states have been getting bombarded with dangerous killer tornadoes. How devastating this has been for so many including such loss of life:

Vast Oklahoma Tornado Kills Dozens
Oklahoma schools destroyed by tornado to rebuild

Tornado season about to roar after slow start

12 dead in aftermath of tornadoes, floods

New twisters hit Oklahoma as storm system sweeps Plains

Storm chasers killed by latest Oklahoma tornado

Seems there is no letting up as now the NOAA is preparing for an ‘extreme’ hurricane season this year:

While the Midwest has been dealing with the deadly tornadoes the plains of Texas has been having experiencing mass flooding which sadly has turned for the worst:

Texas also seems to be having a major issue with killer bees.

‘Killer bees’ leave Texas man dead, woman in serious condition

New twisters hit Oklahoma as storm system sweeps Plains

Storm chasers killed by latest Oklahoma tornado

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By L. McGuire

“The dark winter”, beloved ones, I feel is on the horizon! Please prepare now! This will be a double, triple, possible quadruple whammy! I’m talking, food shortages, power outages, cyber-attacks and since the sheeple has now been vaccinated, just as snakes shed their skin, they too will be shedding something!

FOY Bitchute Channel is now up and running. Come check us out over on the Bitchute Channel.  We have been using the YouTube platform, in blowing the ram’s horn on the end time deception since 2007! Recently YouTube has been censoring all content. This has resulted in many of our videos being removed. This also led to our channel receiving strikes. Strikes lead to time out, where one cannot post any videos for a certain amount of time. Once our channel receives a strike, we slow up on posting. A few months ago, we had 2 strikes! When a channel receives 3 strikes within a certain amount of time, the channel is removed.

“Deciphering the Mark of the BEAST”
By L. McGuire

Many of you are about to get bit by the snake, if you do not take heed to how poisonous the snake truly is to your eternity. Most of you have only heard lukewarm, watered down versions of what the Mark of the Beast is. Those wolves in sheep’s clothing, have literally missed the mark! In Deciphering the Mark of the Beast, the entire plot is exposed. You do not want to miss this! Open your eyes and behold what is playing out on the WORLD stage right here, right now!

By L. McGuire

Time for the world to receive this end time message! “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” is about to be played out on the world stage! Get your preview right here only at the FOY ministry! This 3-part series is a must watch.  The FOY ministry breaks down the end time deception in three parts.

By L. McGuire

For the Greatest Show on Earth, to be a complete success, the Third Temple in Israel must be built. This is a MUST watch! The wedding invitations have been sent out! Learn how President Donald Trump along with the Freemasons, will push for the unholy alliance. Their timetable is that the Mahdi, the Jewish and Christian Messiah will be on the world stage in 3 to 5 years.

By. L. McGuire

The last prop that will be used in THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, is the world’s largest hadron collider which is in Geneva. CERN stands for ‘European Center for Nuclear Research’ then again maybe it stands for C.E.R.N Center for Extraterrestrial Research and Neutralization. Whichever one you prefer; this gigantic machine has been the talk of numerous conspiracy theories.

By L. McGuire

I have stated throughout many FOY materials that, the satanic elite always tell the sheeple their plans before they do it! The problem is, the sheeple just do not take heed as they are too self-absorbed into this fallen world. If they get their cheap thrills, or their daily dose of pills from doctor feel good, they are content as to them ignorance is bliss! The storm is here folks, as President Donald Trump warned, plus we see their satanic announcement.

“The First Purge!”
By L. McGuire

I asked you all to pay special attention to a recent movie that was released called, “The First Purge”. Remember what the Scriptures state, “The last shall be first and the first last!” (Matthew 20:16) “The First Purge” (the Apocalypse now) is really about the Last Purge against Believers.

They Live & Snakes Shed their Skin…
By L. McGuire

Now it gets interesting, as those who been fully jabbed do not have to wear masks indoor or outdoor plus no social distancing! As believers, you all must prepare now spiritually. Like never before, YOU must take action now! REPENT, HOUSE OF YISRAEL! Then RISE UP, time to become WORKERS IN YAHUWAH’S VINEYARD! Soon, YOU will be called up, to give MEAT in this SEASON!


L. McGuire

Shalom and Greetings. This is a quick video I am dedicating to all the naysayers out there. You know who you are. We know too, as you all be stumbling, walking around half dazed and confused. The wool has been pulled over your eyes. Reality is about to smack you across the face. Now, wake up! Here is more proof of what we here at the F O Y Ministry has been warning you all about before the weapon was unleashed.

“Nothing to see here if you are YTube…”

L. McGuire

Journey down the rabbit hole. Some things the you know who’s don’t want you to see or know!

“End Game”
By L. McGuire

The Satanic Elite’s agenda has always been to enslave every man, woman and child. Decades worth of planning, manipulating, brain washing by means of predictive programing is coming to fruition. The End Game is here folks!

“Heads Up!”
By. L. McGuire

Various videos that you all need to watch and take heed to! Now more than ever, you all need to be leaving the cities, villages, towns and get out dodge! They will be going door to door. Take a look at what other countries our doing, might help you get an idea of what is coming! For instance do you know what QR codes are? Well, if you don’t have one then you cannot buy or sell or own business! How do you get one? By taking the gene altering va666in! Also, learn why people who take that gene altering va666in are becoming magnetic and how this was foretold back in 1995.GGGGG and the va666in are like hammer and nails which is gonna hurt those who receive it!
























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