That I’m no longer Christian, may be hard to accept
No, I didn’t have nightmares, during hours I slept
But heeded the call, of Ruach to ‘Come out
of Babylon’ by leaving doctrines, filled with doubt
I’ve embraced the true Name, of the real Messiah
Searched for Truth, that is deeper, and higher
Wider and stronger, than any I’ve seen
Set on a journey, that I’ve never been
Before, spiritually awakening from previous lies
Finally blindness, over my mind and eyes
Is peeling away, to reveal Pure Light
I can see the Power, the Love, the Might
Of our true Mashiach, our Save-Yah, our King
The One Who meets us, the One Who’ll bring
Us into the Kingdom ~ who wouldn’t stand for Him ?
Only YAH has the flame, that’ll never dim
I desire Yah accept me, just as I am
Nurture me, as chosen lamb
Call me His ~ for ever more
Set me apart, into me pour
His Ruach, on a daily basis
So I can see ~ all the faces
Of wisdom, knowledge, Love, & Power
Yah Please accept me ~ this very hour !