Friends aver Love for Messiah
~ then immediately deny Him !
Even though clinging to ‘J.C.’, they risk life and limb ?
Until we know better, ignorance is ‘allowed’
But if we refuse ‘Truth’, we’re covered by ‘cloud’
Which surrounds and clings to us; just won’t let go
When we lift up Yah, ~ He’ll lift the ‘status quo’
How foolish to refuse, such beautiful choices
Welcomed to praise YAH, with our hearts & voices
Yearning to be invited, to the Marriage Feast
Become wed to only YAH
~ our one King & priest
We aver love, by living as we claim
Anything else, is to our shame
We must decide completely, who’s ‘Truth’ we prefer
As only then can we be, the one we aver
Can’t say we Love ‘His Light’, & then remain the same
Openly embrace, and then share, His true given Name
To keep our future ‘safe’, & our Eternity bright
Let us fully choose YAH, with all of our might !