Don’t be fooled, by the impostor Messiah
Who’ll come announcing, a worship ‘mire’
That’ll cover you with ‘mud’, instead of cleaning
Twisting Scriptures, until changes meaning
Don’t get sucked into: this ‘poisoned pit’
All means are removed ~ to get out of it !
Orders you to worship him; taking the place
Of the true Mashiach ~ of Love, and grace
Keep your heart set; build upon YAHUSHUA
Who’ll announce the Truth, of YAHUAH His Father
Bringing messages of Love, life, joy, & hope
A renewed earth’s reign ~ fully able to cope
With our many woes, sins, and endless loss
YAHUSHUA will remove, and then quickly toss
Out, the evil impostor, the liars, & the profane
Leave only goodness, so we again
Will see how much, we’ve been led astray
Feel anxious to return, to YAH’s true Way
Be re-taught Scriptures, we thought we knew
Gladly put out the false, bring in the true
Healing us, until hearts are mended
Allows us to live, as YAH intended
False messiah, false prophet, false leaders ~ all gone !
Now we only have YAH’s Light, to build upon !