I thought I knew You
Many things about You
But not the one that I should

I read Your word
And my ears what they heard
I feel it’s not all that I could

Your works are well known
And Your prophets have shown
That the righteous shall live by faith

Your Will shall be done
Cause dear El’ You the One
It’s to You that my heart and sould prays

So When I call out
With my voise a great shout
In a song, Hallelu-YaH, I sing

There’s a place in that phrase
That alone gives you Praise
And it’s found in a verse in a psalm

All the Patriarchs knew
The Apostles did too
And the people they all did the same

If someone should ask
Are we up for the task
With the strength to annouce You by name

‘aNee HaL ‘EL, MaL’a SHaLoWM
‘aNee HaL ‘EL, ‘A-oWLaM

Your word said a few
Would be given a clue
By the tug that is placed on their hearts

They’ll neither reject
And they’ll stand to protect
What the Spirit You gave to impart

Through the masses have turned away
Yet we the few will stay
Exalting You and Your Fame

From our lips it shall flow
In our eyes it will show
Joy just to Call You By Name

We praise You ‘EL, full of peace
We praise You ‘EL, eternally