Praise YAH ~ He’s throwing away my chains
Until His Truth & Light, are all that remains
He wants me to see, what really was taught
Remove all bondage, which left me so fraught
To have chains thrown away, takes His Power, & Might
Only YAH has the strength, to unlock grips, so tight
Dispel man’s dogmas, which are filth & lies
~Corrupt men’s teachings ~ only ‘prisonize’
Yet YAH, praise Him, let Light shine through
Penetrate ‘dungeon darkness’, until His Light I knew
Is what endlessly flows, with warmth & Love
Entering heart & mind, filling from above
Every crevice & space ~ no room for man’s harm
I can keep calling YAH, for His strong arm
To wrap around me, letting me feel safe
Can ignore those doctrines, that rub & chafe
I desire to grow spiritually, until my only belief
Comes directly from YAH ~ emitting peaceful relief
Chains thrown away, YAH returns to their ‘owners’
Convinced I’d ‘bought’ them ~ but were only ‘loaners’
YAH’s Truth is living in freedom, for ever more
Desires I partake, of His Eternal store
Finally move forward ~ His Lightness a lift
Enabling me to appreciate, YAH’s precious gift