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Shalom and Greetings!  May All Called Out Ones around the world,  Praise Yahuwah! We here at the FOY Ministry have some exciting news to share. We have updated our entire website! You will see the updates as we begin to publish the pages…

“Abomination of Desolation!”
By L. McGuire

Everything playing out right here, right now on the world stage is being orchestrated to deceive you! The satanic agenda to enslave every man, woman, and child through the current mass vaccination program is being unleashed upon humanity. Brothers and Sisters, the book that the prophet Daniel was told to seal has been unsealed. Learn firsthand how the current mass vaccination agenda was foretold.

By L. McGuire

“The dark winter”, beloved ones, I feel is on the horizon! Please prepare now! This will be a double, triple, possible quadruple whammy! I’m talking, food shortages, power outages, cyber-attacks and since the sheeple has now been vaccinated, just as snakes shed their skin, they too will be shedding something!

FOY Bitchute Channel is now up and running. Come check us out over on the Bitchute Channel.  We have been using the YouTube platform, in blowing the ram’s horn on the end time deception since 2007! Recently YouTube has been censoring all content. This has resulted in many of our videos being removed. This also led to our channel receiving strikes. Strikes lead to time out, where one cannot post any videos for a certain amount of time. Once our channel receives a strike, we slow up on posting. A few months ago, we had 2 strikes! When a channel receives 3 strikes within a certain amount of time, the channel is removed.

“Deciphering the Mark of the BEAST”
By L. McGuire

Many of you are about to get bit by the snake, if you do not take heed to how poisonous the snake truly is to your eternity. Most of you have only heard lukewarm, watered down versions of what the Mark of the Beast is. Those wolves in sheep’s clothing, have literally missed the mark! In Deciphering the Mark of the Beast, the entire plot is exposed. You do not want to miss this! Open your eyes and behold what is playing out on the WORLD stage right here, right now!

By L. McGuire

Time for the world to receive this end time message! “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” is about to be played out on the world stage! Get your preview right here only at the FOY ministry! This 3-part series is a must watch.  The FOY ministry breaks down the end time deception in three parts.

By L. McGuire

For the Greatest Show on Earth, to be a complete success, the Third Temple in Israel must be built. This is a MUST watch! The wedding invitations have been sent out! Learn how President Donald Trump along with the Freemasons, will push for the unholy alliance. Their timetable is that the Mahdi, the Jewish and Christian Messiah will be on the world stage in 3 to 5 years.

By. L. McGuire

The last prop that will be used in THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, is the world’s largest hadron collider which is in Geneva. CERN stands for ‘European Center for Nuclear Research’ then again maybe it stands for C.E.R.N Center for Extraterrestrial Research and Neutralization. Whichever one you prefer; this gigantic machine has been the talk of numerous conspiracy theories.

By L. McGuire

I have stated throughout many FOY materials that, the satanic elite always tell the sheeple their plans before they do it! The problem is, the sheeple just do not take heed as they are too self-absorbed into this fallen world. If they get their cheap thrills, or their daily dose of pills from doctor feel good, they are content as to them ignorance is bliss! The storm is here folks, as President Donald Trump warned, plus we see their satanic announcement.

“The First Purge!”
By L. McGuire

I asked you all to pay special attention to a recent movie that was released called, “The First Purge”. Remember what the Scriptures state, “The last shall be first and the first last!” (Matthew 20:16) “The First Purge” (the Apocalypse now) is really about the Last Purge against Believers.

They Live & Snakes Shed their Skin…
By L. McGuire

Now it gets interesting, as those who been fully jabbed do not have to wear masks indoor or outdoor plus no social distancing! As believers, you all must prepare now spiritually. Like never before, YOU must take action now! REPENT, HOUSE OF YISRAEL! Then RISE UP, time to become WORKERS IN YAHUWAH’S VINEYARD! Soon, YOU will be called up, to give MEAT in this SEASON!


L. McGuire

Shalom and Greetings. This is a quick video I am dedicating to all the naysayers out there. You know who you are. We know too, as you all be stumbling, walking around half dazed and confused. The wool has been pulled over your eyes. Reality is about to smack you across the face. Now, wake up! Here is more proof of what we here at the F O Y Ministry has been warning you all about before the weapon was unleashed.

“Nothing to see here if you are YTube…”

L. McGuire

Journey down the rabbit hole. Some things the you know who’s don’t want you to see or know!

“End Game”
By L. McGuire

The Satanic Elite’s agenda has always been to enslave every man, woman and child. Decades worth of planning, manipulating, brain washing by means of predictive programing is coming to fruition. The End Game is here folks!

“Heads Up!”
By. L. McGuire

Various videos that you all need to watch and take heed to! Now more than ever, you all need to be leaving the cities, villages, towns and get out dodge! They will be going door to door. Take a look at what other countries our doing, might help you get an idea of what is coming! For instance do you know what QR codes are? Well, if you don’t have one then you cannot buy or sell or own business! How do you get one? By taking the gene altering va666in! Also, learn why people who take that gene altering va666in are becoming magnetic and how this was foretold back in 1995.GGGGG and the va666in are like hammer and nails which is gonna hurt those who receive it!
























In light of this earth age coming to its rapid closing the spirit of chaos seems to have been unleashed upon humanity. Respect for one another is quickly dwindling down to a zero tolerance. Part of the reason for this lack of kindness towards the human race is that lawlessness is running amok! We know Scriptures are true. Thus we have been forewarned that many hearts would wax cold because of lawlessness that is Torahlessness (Matthew, 14:12). Therefore, humanity continues to spin out of control. I am thus reminded that it has been written:

In light of this earth age coming to its rapid closing the spirit of chaos seems to have been unleashed upon humanity. Respect for one another is quickly dwindling down to a zero tolerance. Part of the reason for this lack of kindness towards the human race is that lawlessness is running amok! We know Scriptures are true. Thus we have been forewarned that many hearts would wax cold because of lawlessness that is Torahlessness (Matthew, 14:12). Therefore, humanity continues to spin out of control. I am thus reminded that it has been written:

A reprobate mind is a mind that is no longer able to have any moral judgment whatsoever; which is the opposite of what the mind was created to do. The purpose of the mind is to tell us what we should or should not be doing. This is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom. Animals go by instinct whereas the human mind was designed to make logical decisions. The function of the mind also leads us into the will of Yahuwah. This is why we should “have the mind of Mashiach…” (1 Corinthians 2:16). Yet when one has been given over to a reprobate mind, they can no longer distinguish between good and evil, righteousness and unrighteousness. Eventually the person will begin to manifest all sorts of abominable acts. By their fruits we shall know them and the reprobate mind will bear fruits of sin as outlined in the above verses.

I beseech you to keep these matters in mind as you watch the following video:

Remember, this is just people going shopping during the dangerous Black Friday supper sales! Ponder, if people are acting like this over silly stuff (stuff we can’t take with us when we leave this place) what will become of them over the lack of basic necessities such as water and food? Let us not forget that, “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse.” (2 Timothy 3:13). Sadly this behavior is just a drop in the bucket compared to what lies ahead for humanity. The truth is we haven’t seen anything yet. When the people won’t be able to get their money, poisonous food (GMO,MSG, Red Bull, white sugar) water, drugs, beer, cancer sticks, even their addicting food and especially their entertainment they will become as zombies!

If all that was not bad enough, a very long and ever growing list of disturbing executive orders are being signed into effect behind closed doors. The constitutional rights of The American people are slowly being stripped away. These subtle changes are gradually being incremented in such a way that when fully forced many will awake to a state of

“Here” clearly depends on each person’s location once martial law is enforced or some other disaster strikes. The risk of “Here” being in a FEMA camp (detention facility, relocation camp, tent city) is extremely high if living within any major city. Need I remind everyone that living in the cities is not the place to be! Ponder on how matters were handled during Katrina? Now look at how matters were handled during the recent Super Storm Sandy, which by the way was engineered by HARRP? If that storm was not bad enough then Athena (Goddess of WAR) came through! Several areas up and down the entire

Thousands of people in multiple states instantly turned homeless! People were stranded while their homes forever gone. To those who were not mentally prepared by seeing such a wide scale disaster their minds snapped! Everyone seems to have a breaking a point! What’s yours?

I personally read the horror stories that many have had to endure during the engineered super storm, Sandy! For instance, one article states how a 74 year old woman had to take care of her 85 year old husband. This older man has a pace-maker and a colostomy bag. Their apartment was on the twenty-something floor. Just to get water to flush their toilets, this poor old woman had to walk down all those flights of stairs and then haul the water all the way back up. This couple was just one of many that had no power or heat for days.

The alarm bells are ringing! WE must prepare now and be proactive. How shocking to learn that during the super storm Sandy one man was selling small flash lights for ten bucks each! Seems some New Yorkers were not even prepared with a simple flash light.

Generally one of two things occur when faced with tragic events. Either the best is brought out as people join together helping one another. There were wonderful stories of people doing just that, helping each other. Yet the majority will be like a pack of ravenous wolves! Is this where we want our “here” to be, in the midst of chaos?

Brothers and Sister, whether it is the Madrid fault line being manipulated to split the United States or a real natural disaster, civil war, economy meltdown, outbreak of some deadly virus or even the start of the NWO, when martial law is enforced people by the masses will be rounded up and hauled off to FEMA camps. These camps also known as relocation camps will not be very friendly. In reality FEMA camps are prisons. These detention camps will eventually be filled with dissenters, those

So where do we want our “here” to be, in a major city? What about a FEMA camp? Is that the camping experience we desire for our family’s and loved ones? How dreadful to be rounded up, evicted from our homes and forced into a labor camp! MTV gets it why can’t more of us called out ones grasp the seriousness of what lies ahead?

Is this what we really what? Of course even in a place like camp FEMA, the best “here” is under the guidance of Yahuwah! Yet there is also nothing wrong with being with other called out ones! Let us never forget that the early taught ones lived amongst each other:

“And all those who believed were together, and had all in common and sold their possessions and property, and divided them among all, as anyone might have need, And day by day, continuing with one mind in the Set-Apart Place, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praise Elohim and having favour with all the people. And the Master added to the assembly those who were being saved, day by day.”
-Acts 2:44-47

Even though they lived in different houses (as they ate bread from house to house) the early Taught Ones were together! They sold possessions, even property and divided their resources amongst anyone who had a need. That first congregation knew that whenever a brother was in need they were to help him. The act of helping was an outer sign of the love that they had (1 John 3:17). They also knew that there was nothing wrong with selling what they had and to give alms (Luke 12:33-34). Some claim that Ananias and his wife died because they held back their money from their property they sold. In reality the Scriptures reveal they were struck down because they lied to The Ruach Ha Qodesh (Acts 5).

Most people associate commune living as a bad thing. This negativity is mostly due to the rampant drug use along with the free love from the 1960’s. Society at large views commune living as sort of cult thing. While others hold the mentally that commune living is for communists. Regardless of the negativity mainstream society has, us, called out ones should not take heed to the world’s standards. First off, most believers know not to take street drugs or even mind altering drugs. Second, besides a hand full of some, most believers strongly believe marriage is established as one husband and one wife. Just mentally lusting after a woman is committing adultery. Third, even those early taught ones were not a bunch of commies. They freely sold their possessions and freely gave as to those who had need. They were not socialist either.

The early taught ones freely choose to live amongst each other. The early Puritans, who settled in Massachusetts, did the same thing. Even today there are some groups that live in communes. Such as the Twelve Tribes (which we have taken the Imposter message to them) the Amish and Mennonite (again we have shared the Besorah with these groups also) have communities. Let us not forget that there are like-minded believers that also live in communes. We need to see more of these!

Brothers and Sisters, I cannot stress enough that NOW is the time! We must set our little differences to the side and find some sort of common ground! This should be a no brainer, as our common ground is belief in Yahushua, Yahuwah and to keep Torah! Yet way too many called out ones, want to bicker over the small stuff. This ought not to be!

Therefore, due to the seriousness of the time we are living in; the F.O.Y. ministry is thus dedicating a new contact page just for “Followers of Yah Community Living”! We believe us, Called Out Ones, are stronger when we are together. Whereas weaker when all alone! Let us bring our resources together to help build safe zones! Now let us start organizing commune living amongst the Body of Mashiach!

We have to trust each other as each of us does have a common bond; we are Called Out One’s! We have a higher calling to first love one another. By this love toward each other, the world will see we are indeed HIS taught ones! What better love than for us to lay down our lives for each other. A perfect way to start showing this love is by starting up small communes. Learning to love and serve one another can be extremely rewarding for each of us.

The following is some helpful tips on how to have a successful commune:

1. Each member must place their trust in Yahuwah. If everyone in the commune first trust Yahuwah then we can trust each other more easily.

2. Everyone should be in unity in belief and in lifestyle.

3. Each member needs to be immersed in the Qodesh Names.

4. A set of primary rules (such as Torah) and/or regulations all members have to agree to follow.

5. Any member that cannot follow the set of rules and/or regulations they are to be shunned by the community. If refusal to repent then they should be permanently disfellowshipped. They must be removed from the commune.

6. There should be no illegal drug use whatsoever.

7. Each member must work and carry themselves.

8. Each family unit must not be broken up.

9. Designated times for commune services, eating, socializing and game playing.

10. Have its own food, water and energy resources

These rules would greatly benefit all communities. As it is a known fact that unorganized communes never work out. Without even the simplest rules, the commune structure crumbles! Yet the commune’s that do have a set of organized rules (in our case, Torah) have been and continue to be extremely successful.

Having a common goal will allow the members of the commune to feel important, as each member of the Body of Mashiach is important. By following these instructions the entire community will have a mission that binds each of us together. By living in a community we will learn how to live together, be self-sufficiently and work together. How wonderful it will be to live amongst those who truly care, not the fake love so many families have. As each community will be a family. We will be a family not of flesh and blood but of the spiritual. One that will last for an eternity! A family not forced together as in a biological family. But one brought together by a common goal! This shall be our foundation that literally binds us together. Through the hard times and in the good, each community can rejoice in knowing that Yahuwah is in control of all matters. Let each community be a reflection of the love that will be in the coming Kingdom!

Communities should be well organized and efficient. Every resource needs to be used. Each member of the Body of Mashiach needs to work together. All of us has talents (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28) and we should be using them. Those that know how to grow food, then grow it. Do you know how to cook, then cook. Do you have knowledge about living off grid then share that amongst the community. No one person should be doing all the work. All need to be self sufficient within the community. If not then the community may end up like some wild hippie movement of free lancers not pulling their own weight. The first congregation seemed to have this same issue with some as:

“For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone does not wish to work, neither let him eat. For we hear of some among you walking disorderly, not working at all, but are busybodies. But we command and urge such, through our Master Yahushua Messiah, to settle down, work and eat their own bread.”
-2 Thessalonians 3:10-12

All were to earn work. Yahuwah even tells us that by the sweat of a man’s brow he shall work all the days of his life (Genesis 3:19). Clearly, man is to work (Ephesians 4:28, 1st Timothy 5:8, Colossians 3:23-24, Hebrews 6:10). Scriptures even say much to about lazy hands (Proverbs 6:9-11; 12:24; 13:4; 20:4 2 Timothy 2:15).

Considering all this, all are to be working! Whoever does not work must leave the community. Truly, commune living can be a very wonderful, rewarding and enjoyable time for the Body of Mashiach! A lot of good can and does come from commune life. Commune life can be successful when everyone pulls their own weight and shares their resources.

Now is the time to plan and leave the cities. This does not mean we should never enter the cities again as many of the prophets were told to go to a certain city to give a message and then leave. So if called to share a message or do the work as an evangelist then we must do it but we should not reside there! Each working community should also be prepared for others that will escape the cities right at the very end!

We feel led to do this now as we do not know how much longer any of us will have access to the internet. As previously stated through-out our material at the switch of the flick, we could lose access to the web. Not only did Egypt do this but also and more recently the Syrian Government shut down the web. So all who are interested and would like to start up a community then fill out the contact information on the Followers of Yah Community living page.

Whatever state you are currently living in or the state you would like to relocate to, post your info and your intentions of starting up a group in whatever region to plan and begin a community.

Once the moral code of humanity is finally broken and all that remains is barbaric beastly reprobate humans where do we want our here to be?

New Address:

Danny McGuire
FOY Ministry
P.O. Box 1232
Gwinn, MI. 49841

New Address:

Danny McGuire
FOY Ministry
P.O. Box 1232
Gwinn, MI. 49841

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