Acts 2:1, “And when the Day of the Festival of Weeks had come, they were all with one mind in one place.”

Notice the verse tells us that, all were in one place and of one accord; and, there was no confusion!

Act 2:2, “And suddenly there came a sound from the heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.”

We also read how all were sitting-not standing, or jumping around, as those in the churches do!

Act 2:3-4, “ And there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and settled on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Set-apart Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them to speak.

Tongues like fire rested on everyone present- not just a select few. All were filled with the Spirit of Yahuwah (the Creator); but, not one of them were ‘slain of the spirit’, as they are, today! Instead, all were given the ability to speak and preach in other than their native language, or ‘tongue’ (Hebrew). This gift was to spread the Good News (Gospel). Sadly, ‘Pentecostals,’ and others, do not even know what the Good News really is! Check out, Mt.4:17!

Act 2:5, “ Now in Yerushalayim there were dwelling Yahudim, dedicated men from every nation under the heaven.”

The visiting people were descendants of Jews (Yahudim), coming from 15 foreign countries, each speaking their own language. They were in Jerusalem for the Feast of Weeks (Shabuoth)-not ‘Pentecost.’ ‘Pentecost’ is a GREEK word! Pay attention; they had a problem with the language barrier, since their native Hebrew ‘tongue’ had been forgotten. They were born and raised in various other countries, for many generations. They were practicing Jews (Yahudim). Their custom was for the men to go to Jerusalem, once a year for Shabuoth. Think about this, the Good News (Gospel) went “to the Jews (Yahudim), first.”

When the European immigrants came to America, they encountered the same language barrier as in Acts chapter 2. After generations past, whenever they returned to their homelands, they were faced with the language barrier.

At this Shabuoth, Yahuwah provided for the spread of the Good News to people of all nations, both Jew & Gentile, who believed. When these people returned to their adopted countries, they used the languages of

those countries to tell others of the Good News that they had heard in Jerusalem, that day! The others, back home, heard and understood the Good News in their own language. Praise Yahuwah! That is what happened with the Eunuch, after Phillip helped him understand! He went back home; and repeated what he had learned, that day, from Scripture!! Paul’s experience in Acts 10:44, 45 fits both the positive and negative aspects of chapter 2!

The true gift of ‘tongues’ was the permanent ability to use foreign languages, to spread the true Good News, in the languages of all those present! If we add anything else, we’re adding to our own judgment!!

Shabuoth is a wedding anniversary of Yahuwah and His wife, True Israel; and the Torah is a Marriage Covenant between Yahuwah and Israel!


They are ‘speaking in tongues’ in various places or situations like work, play, home, school, indoors, out doors; and church. They are usually standing, with arms raised, with eyes closed, and/or jumping around. The only visible sign is a lot of confusion!!

Also, different groups use different gibberish, as they are taught by others. Each teacher uses his/ her, own style of gibberish; and this is not a language that can be understood!

Please read the entire chapter 14 of 1 Corinthians; especially, Vs 4, 6, 18, 19 & 40. Vs. 40 says, “Let all things be done decently and in order.”

So, there should be no confusion; and, 1 Cor.12:28-31 shows that all the other gifts come before tongues, on the lists! Tongues is the last one on the list, and does not supersede the others, in any way! This just shows that we must take Yahuwah at His Word!

These charismatic speakers, preachers, and members, do not know what they are saying; nor do any others, that are present. I know; because, I’ve been to a couple of their services, in the past; but, never again! If you should ask, none of the members can tell you what is being said, by the others! Also, there is no translator; since no one can translate gibberish, anyway! This gibberish is useless and purposeless!

I know other believers who have witness this as well. At one service they took the song theme from Amazing Grace and changed the words to ’holy father’. As they repeated these two words over and over again, it became obvious that many had blanked their minds out. Some shook uncontrollably while others jumped around. One man fell to the ground as he was slain in the spirit.

At another church service, some believers witnessed first hand how these services are to stir up people’s emotions. Then the gibberish known as ’speaking in tongue’ and ‘laying of hands’ begins. After they laid their hands on this man and spoke in tongues two days later he got laid off! We are told not to lay hands suddenly on anyone, neither should we let others lay their hands on us. We are to test the spirits to see if they be of Eloah of not!

At some of these charismatic services, it is not uncommon to hear people barking like dogs, crowing like chickens, snorkling pigs, making other barn yard animals sounds and making weird outbursts. They claim this is a manifestation of the Spirit. We must ask, what spirit? The Ruach Ha Qodesh (Spirit of Set-Apartness) is not of confusion.

These services only causes confusion. It is nothing more than an ecstatic, self-satisfying emotion. And, it is also, a fleeting emotion that comes and goes, as needed!

Listen, the positive and negative aspects of 1 Corinthians, chapter 14, are what these ‘tongues’ are and are not! I have already shown the negative ones, from the ‘Pentecostals’; and, here are The Positive aspects:

1. A language barrier did exist, at that time!

2. The true tongues were known, but
unfamiliar (foreign), languages!

3. The true tongues were spoken, heard, and
understood by those that were present!

4. The content and context, which is the
Good News, was heard and understood by all!

5. The true gift of a foreign language is Permanent!

Remember, that the true Good News is, “*Repent, for the kingdom of Yahu’ah is at hand”— Mt.4:17; and, there is no other Good News. ‘Repent’ means to turn around; and teaching any thing other than the whole truth is wresting Scripture to our own, and others’, destructtion! We cannot teach what we do not know!

The Spirit of Yahu’ah is given only to those who obey His Torah, Instructions, or Law. See: Jn.14:23; 1Jn.3:24 & Ac.5:32. If we love Him, we will obey Him—Ex.20:6; Jn.14:15; 1Jn.5:2, 3 & 2Jn.6. Obedience is a sign of our true deliverance, and we must obey all of His Instructions—-Jn.3:36; Ac.3:22, 23; 2Cor. 10:5; Heb. 5:9; Matt.19:17; Lk.10:28; Jn.12:50 & Rev.22:14!! We are to become Natsarim (Hebrew for Nazarenes); followers of The Nazarene, Yahu’-shua, who was and still is, a Yahudim ! See: Rom.11; Eph2:8-22; Ac.24:5; 28:22; Jer.31: 6 (Amos 9: 9); Ezek.37 & Eph.3. Also, Jn.4:21, 22 says, “deliverance (salvation) is of the Yahudim (Jews).”—Rev.10:7; and, Eph.3 says the Secret of Yahu’ah is the true Good News! Note: A half truth, presented as the whole truth is a big lie!

what is interesting is that church happens to be a word used in most English versions as a rendering of the Greek “ekklesia.” The Greek word means “a calling out,” “a meeting,” or “a gathering.” Ekklesia is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew qahal, which means an ‘assembly’ or a congregation. The origin of the word “church” is kuriakon or kyriakon in Greek. The meaning is a building (the house of Kurios, or Lord). Dictionaries give the origin of “church” as the Anglo-Saxon root, circe. Circe was the goddess-daughter of Helios, the Sun-deity. The word circe is related to “circus,” “circle,” “circuit,” and “circulate.” Circe was originally a Greek goddess whose name was written and pronounced as Kirke. The word “church” is known in Scotland as “kirk”, in Germany as “Kirche”, and in Netherlands as “kerk”. The correct English word to use is Assembly, or the Greek word Ekklesia, but not “church

Written By
George Thore, SR.
Edited By
L. McGuire

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