Explaining The True Names, causes creaks & cracks
Like the ‘glass ceiling’ it shatters, what once were ‘facts’
Causes people to change ways, they think & believe
All those years of ‘trust’, become reasons to grieve
The ‘leaders’ they followed, do not really lead
Hungry sheep discover, all they hold is weed
Were looking for Spiritual, Truth – filled meals
Expected to be fed knowledge ~ got empty creels !
Now they’re faced with: a deep wound – chasm
They need to ‘heal’, so must work to fathom
Truth from lie, discern then decide
What they really know, & the correct guide
Creaks & cracks are starting, to spread upset
Letting go the past is scary, but now & yet
Must question & sort thru’, this new found news
Erasing what was, brings up new issues
That sort of makes sense, but not yet fits in
Paths they’ve always trod, & places they’ve be’n
Where are they now, supposed to turn, or go ?
Ease discomfort in what, they understood as ‘I know’
Creaks & cracks have formed, within their very soul
Not quite so complete; can sense a gnawing hole
Whisperings from The Spirit, confirms each True Name
New creaks & cracks keep forming ~ life’s never the same !