Each friend: fills certain needs
Each friend: satisfies, shapes & feeds
Wants, desires, & various feelings
Helps the other, with their healings
From worldly pains, upsets, & woes
Sharing thoughts, as each one goes
About the business, of living life
Seeking to find, good from strife
Each friend: has, a special way
Of filling voids, by things they say
Giving hope & support, to trying starts
And bringing calm, to troubled hearts
Each friend you’re given ~ you cannot replace
By just anyone else, in this human race
Because each friend is, a special bond
For that person, you’re more than fond
They have entered, your inner soul
Blended spirits ~ filled ‘cup & bowl’
Each friend is a gift, to provide balance
Not one is by ‘luck’, or happenstance
But divine intervention ~ His careful design
So I Thank YAH~ you’re a Friend of mine !