Hypocrisy abounds, in both town & city
Ugliness festers, can never become pretty
Unbelievers arrive here, & suddenly we must pamper
Immediately they’re ‘entitled, to a Christmas hamper !
Some Santa tells each, they’re deserving girls & boys
So adults get clothes & food, kids get candy & toys
We’re to embrace their alien gods ~ it’s multicultural ‘tolerance’
Those same unbelievers deride us, without reason or chance
Media embraces: sports, pageants, & St. Patty charades
And of course the annual Christmas, & Easter parades
So many groups demanding, their ‘piece of the pie’
Devoid of The Truth ~ schemes futile ‘pie in the sky’
Empty pomp & show ~ just methods for monies made
Persuades consumer spending; little attention is ever paid
To who really is, hiding behind them all
Looks good is what matters; everyone ‘having a ball’
None of this addresses, people in need
Only ones ‘fed’, are the merchants of greed
How much longer, do we let this go on ?
What can we do, to make the chaos gone ?
Why can’t we live, without being forced into such sights ?
When will The Truth be able, to shine its pure Lights ?
Thankfully we can reject all, ostentatious blatent pretend
Our lives are given order, when we embrace: our True Friend !