“Sure women are equal ~ but not to me!”
A message oft insinuated ~ we’re still not free
Why are women not valued, outside subservient roles?
When will we be recognized, for our own sweet souls?
How much more, do we have to prove, & give?
What will it take, that we be allowed to live
As human beings?, made by the Creator ~ who’s name
Made men & women in His image ~ equal & same
In quality, worth, Love & full value
Expecting intelligence of each, be how they knew
Yet some men still place themselves, ‘notches’ higher
Women remain ‘lower’ & ‘less’ ~ so who’s the liar?
These certain males will go, to any lengths
To prove men better ~ just look at ‘their strengths’
Men have the power, to move both table & chair
Yet women are the only ones, chosen to bear
Yah’s Children, & thus have other pains to endure
If men suffered as us, we know for sure
People would be extinct ~ soon after Adam & Eve
For men would have shrunk, from having to leave
Deciding for self, what they want to do
As now have some infant ~ crying out for you
To pick up, put down, constantly bathe & feed
How can they do this, & when will its need
Stop ! Allowing him time, to go off alone
Leave everyone else, so be on his own
A ‘real man’ isn’t ~ threatened by females
He refuses to believe nonsense, told in ‘tall tales’
Told by that one, named ‘Father of Lies’
Who stirs contentions, by twisting the ties
Devalues not only women, but any female child
By taking Yah’s Word, until he’s beguiled
Men into demanding, any glory, all the power
That only they can be ‘stalks’, who hold up the ‘flower’
Women without men, are really useless, & ‘lost’
They need rules to obey ~ should be the ones ‘bossed’
By some ‘man’ who believes, only he has the ‘brain’
To keep others ‘in order’ ~ using either threats or disdain
Someday soon these men, will be given ‘True Light’
Be shown The Truth of what, they claim as ‘their right’
Men & women are equal, & both are Loved by our Lord
All should serve the other, with a heart, truly ‘toward’