Seems Eve & Mary ~ really ‘knew a thing, or two !’
Both were spiritually aware ~ what they’d go thru’
Bringing into this earth, giving to this world
Mankind’s Saviour; & so unfurled
The Almighty’s plan, to make things ‘be’
Preparing a place, for even you and me !
Eve ate the fruit, so she could produce
Offspring with Adam ~ & so call a truce
Evil was defeated ~ he wanted her gone
Thwarted his trickery, spoiled his sly con
Eve brought forth children, prepared the way
Allowing our Saviour to descend, & here stay
By being born ~ from Mary’s womb
He rescued us ~ from an endless tomb
So why oh why, are women oft ‘put down’
When half of the way, to an Eternal crown ?
Both are wonderfully made ~ the woman & the man
Equal & necessary ~ to complete Salvation’s plan