If you could look into His eyes: you’d feel what He says
How He leads, protects, & guides, you in to His Ways
You would see the Truth, like a clear window reveals
His Living Word keeps flowing, like our heartfelt appeals
You’d see His eyes smile with Love, twinkle with delight
Whenever people listen, or take a stand for what’s right
Know His Word changes not, will always be the same
I AM is ever the One to call ~ just use His given name
Don’t worry, can’t call you, if each other neither know
Can’t bring together those, who claim “it, isn’t so!”
Refuse to accept, what’s actually been written down
Won’t question odd traditions, yet at Eternal Truths ~ they frown
If only they’d seek out His Word, with a more open mind
They’d know what’s usually taught, is sadly wrong & unkind
Research Truth for yourself; feel stronger, freer, & safe
Enough to leave behind, traditions which gag, scratch, or chafe
You’ll discover when you demand: what, when, & why’s
How lives continually change; your closed become open eyes