Accept me ~ instead of ‘correct’ me
Love me ~ not shove thoughtlessly
Let me be ‘me’, & you be ‘you’
And the One Who knows what I am, do
The converting of mind, an inner guide
The friendly voice, willing to bide
I can’t add to yours, so please don’t try
To lower my thoughts, whenever I reach for high
Have to find for myself, wrong from right
Discern ‘ism’ from Truth, & dark from Light
When I’m ready, to learn a new task
If I need any help ~ I’ll up-front ask
Your support is appreciated, as I’m being built
But only if ‘pure gold’ ~ not paint over guilt
Friends are needed, to spend time, & talk
Encourage each other, in their faith, & walk
Just trusting that I can hear, Truth that’s sound
Makes you a friend, I’m grateful I’ve found
Then my soul’s comforted, as no thoughts of woe
No more questions whether, you’re really friend, or foe