Women thru’ the ages, have been labelled, put down
Sadly little changes, once ‘given this crown’
Poison Ivy may have, been ‘toxic I-van’
And Prim-Rose is really, a sweet wo-man
So few are given credit, when credit is due
And not enough named, among respected crew
When women are defiled, someone’s said to ‘de-flower’
Yet asking for ‘rights’ ~ is called ‘abuse of power’ ?
When will we be given, our rightful place ?
Allowed to speak ? Uncover our face ?
Walk with dignity ? Be our true self
Instead of 2nd best ~ behind someone else
What will it take, for each to be taught
We can go forward, give all our support
Don’t justify wrong ~ gender’s just a name
Men & woman are created, equally the same
Each needs the other; to be complete and whole
All are equal, to blend spirit with soul