Can no longer give cards, with greetings that say
Merry Christmas, Congrats, or Happy Birthday
YAH doesn’t approve, so I can no longer do
What I’ve always done, with Loved ones like you
Of course I remain concerned; my feelings I’ll bare
Always think of you; warm thoughts I’ll declare
I’m just trying to please YAH, by following His Will
Learning details each day, how to keep & fill
My heart with His Truth, His Wisdom, His Light
Grow my understanding ~ until I get it right !
Please accept these changes, as I desire to learn
Admit to needing help, as I’ll ever yearn
To esteem YAHUSHUAH; be among His sheep
Behold His face; allowed to sit at His feet
Even though I’m now, of ‘another persuasion’
My “Greetings” to you, whatever the occasion
Warm regards are wished, throughout an entire year
Only kind thoughts emitted, from me right here
Have your needs fully met; feel continually blessed
And may each day, each month, be ‘one of your best’