Only when you ‘grow up’ spiritually, will you desire the True Name
Once found & accepted ~ nothing, remains the same
Hearing the pagan names: now makes you sad
Deceptive church teachings: now makes you mad
They replaced scriptures ~ believed by nearly all
Twisted Truth into lies, ensuring many will fall
In these last days, false messiah will come
Gathering people into: the wrong kingdom
The True Messiah announces: His Name to a few
Remnant believers ~ those who spiritually grew
Into wanting pure Truth, even if appears ‘strange’
Only clear Truth gives comfort; we strive to re-arrange
Our lives & thoughts; how we live each day
As we ‘grow up’ spiritually: follow only YAH’s Way
Expressed in His Torah ~ yes, those Scriptures of old
Strongly rejecting doctrines: churches packaged & ‘sold’
Kept us “a child”; controlled; taught silly childish things
Until we ‘grow up’ ; desire Truth ~ only YAH’s Torah brings
No, it’s not easy; there is so much to learn
Yet to esteem YAH, we continually yearn
To ‘grow up’ into: spiritual, adult Believer
Privileged to be called, by the “True Receiver”