Dear Precious YAH, Please help me out
Show me Your Way, ’til there’s no more doubt
It’s Your Pure Light I embrace ~ all else dispose
Spirit infuse me ~ ’til Your Light within glows !
Treasured YAH, help me understand
How You hold my life, in Your Almighty hand
Even before I entered, this planet ‘earth’
You’d chartered my course ~ to seek Your ‘birth’
Belov’d YAH, help me strengthen, & grow
In Your Truth and Wisdom, so I can know
I stand with conviction, upon Your True Word
Walk in Your Love ~ with heart open, & stirred
Loving YAH, help me Love like You
Teach me how, I become as ‘pure’ & ‘true’
Meet all those needs, wherever I show lack
And Please don’t give up ~ on “calling me back !”