Discovered most of my life ~ I’ve been fooled
Thanks to new knowledge ~ now I’m ‘home-schooled”
Came out of the system, known as the church
Threatened my leaving, as left in the lurch”
My salvation’s removed ! ~ no longer protected
Teachings abandoned, ~ scriptures rejected
The Spirit has left me, I’m on my own
I’ve dismissed G-d; wasted seeds I’ve sown
If I don’t return now, it’ll be too late
I won’t recover, from my awful fate !”
How quickly they judge me, for being led
Away from doctrines, for too long fed
Year after year, their rigid system
Closed “The Door”, instead of opening wisdom
‘Truth will set you free’ ~ if only you know
There’s more than the usual, way to go
To find higher ground, live by YAH’s Will
Allow Set-Apart Spirit, to open, then fill
Me up with Torah, & YAH’s true Way
Allow me to question, feel, or say
How I should live, & why changes I make
Where I should give, & what I can take
Am gaining understanding, deep inside
How to work towards, becoming The Bride
Be true Yisra’el, spiritual Yahudim
No longer blocked, by any church whim