There is no one in their right mind who will just take a bite from a chunk of silver to get over the flu bug or any other health concern they may have. However, over the years many have come to the knowledge that silver does have its benefits. Not only is silver recognized as a super natural anti-biotic, but it is also very safe to the natural defensive system of the body. Concluded from many studies, silver has the ability to kill over 650 million micro-organisms. Not to mention it has been proven effective in help with:

Acid Reflux [Caused By Intestinal Candida] Acne, Adrenal Exhaustion, AIDS, Allergic Skin Disorders, Allergies, Anthrax, Anti Bacterial, Antibiotic-Resistant, Bacteria, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Parasitic, Anti-Viral, Asthma, Bladder Infections, Candida [Candidiasis] Canker Sores, Cat Scratch Fever, Chicken Pox, Dermatitis, Diarrhea, Digestive, Aids Digestive System, Ear Infections, Ebola, E Coli, Eczema, Enlarged Spleen, Fingernail Fungus, Flu [Influenza], Food Poisoning, Genital Herpes, Genital Warts, Gingivitis, Hay Fever, Head Lice, Headache, Heals Wounds, Hemorrhoids, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, Impetigo, Laryngitis, Leprosy, Lyme Disease, Meningitis, Moles, Mumps, Nasal Polyps, Natural Decongestant, Influenza, Bacterial and viral infections, Parvo Virus, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease [PID], Periodontal Gum Disease, Pneumonia, Poison Ivy and more.

If silver has so many great qualities then how come you’ve never heard about this terrific anti-biotic? That’s the problem; the FDA doesn’t want you to know. Using silver as medicine has been done for more 100 years. The sad thing is, the FDA banned it in 1983. However, recently its uses have been ‘newly’ found and many companies are selling this stuff for big bucks! You can go to any health food store and purchase 8 ounces of Colloidal Silver for at least $20. When you are sick and need to take 4oz, 4-6 times, 8oz. is not nearly enough; especially at those prices! Then why not just make your own? It’s simple and only cost $50-$60 for the supplies. The price of supplies may be high. However how much does an average bottle of prescription antibiotics from your local Pharmacy cost? You would be making a very smart investment, it’s your life we are dealing with here! The best part, you can make about 1,000 22oz batches of Colloidal Silver, perhaps even more depending upon your silver.

Step-By-Step Guide to making your own Colloidal Silver Generator


-pure distilled water
-2 silver 1 troy ounce silver bars.
-1 wooden stick
-1 rubber band
-2 pieces of electrical wire with metal alligator clips on one end and connecters for the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ charge at the other end.
-3 new high quality 9 volt batteries
-2 copper (non-metal) clips with loops
-two one foot pieces of electrical wire
-connectors for the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ charges on batteries.
-1 glass jar with porcelain inside lined lid.
-Small shoe box to hold your supplies.


Take 2 of the 3 batteries. Place them vertically side by side so that the opposite charges are closest.

Use the masking tape, taping them together. Take the rubber band and tie it horizontally around the two batteries. This will keep them from falling apart. Then, with your third battery upside down, connect it positive to negative and negative to positive onto the right charge of the left battery and on the left charge of the right battery. It should snap in place. If not, you do not have your two bottom batteries connected properly.

Your batteries should connect like the image to the left; small to big, big to small.

Connect each electrical wire to each end of the batteries.

Next, it is time to prepare your 2 silver bars, making sure they are clean; free from rust. Take the two copper clips with loops on top and clip them onto your silver. You could also use 2 copper plates about 1cm x 1.4 cm that allows a screw to tighten them together, with the silver in the middle. Make sure you have a metal loop on top; this loop needs to be in between the two

copper plates with a small rubber washer. If you do not have this metal in between you will not have any charge; which will not activate the silver. Do the same for each bar of silver.

Now that the silver is ready, take your alligator clips (connected to the batteries), clipping each clip onto the metal loop on top of the silver. Slide the silver through the loops onto the wooden stick. Twist a bolt on each end of the stick so that the silver does not slide off the stick.
When choosing a jar for your colloidal silver please remember to have a porcelain lined lid or your solution will be no good. No metal what-so-ever can touch your solution. If you have metal fillings in your teeth you must drink the Colloidal Silver through a straw on the opposite side of your mouth. You must not even mix the solution with metal utensils. You must keep that in mind.

Making the Colloidal Silver


Fill your glass jar with water about 1- 2 inches from the top. Add about 20 grains of salt, no more, no less. From experience; if your solution has too much or too little salt it will not work. Let the water (with salt added) sit for 5 min to dissolve. Then twist on the lid and shake to stir the salt through the water.
Place the wood stick with silver on top of the jar so that the silver it sitting in the water. Have the silver bars spaced out about 2 cm. Let sit for 5 min. Make sure your battery is properly connect to the bottom two batteries. This third battery is what charges the other two. Resulting in electric charge running through the positive wire causing the silver bar to smoke in the water. Please Note: If you see particles or chunks of silver going into you solution your either 1) not switching the alligator clips every 3 min or 2) your batteries are too strong. If your batteries are two strong try switching every 1-2 min. You Colloidal Silver isn’t any good if it contains silver chunks. You want very fine particles. That is what the smoke you should see come off of your silver into the water.
After 5 minutes, switch the alligator clips from one silver bar to the other. Make sure not to let the clips touch, doing so will over heat your batteries, especially the top one. Let sit for 3 min. Switch. Let sit for 3 min. Switch. Repeating this step until 30 – 60 min. have passed; depending on how strong you want (or need) your Colloidal Silver to be.
When finished disconnect top battery from two bottom batteries. Remove alligator clips from silver. Remove silver from wooden stick and dry. Place supplies in your shoe box for next time.
Once your solution is completed, you will have a clear foggy, tasteless, powerful antibiotic. Store in a dark place, light will make the solution become weak. The longer your solution sits the weaker it becomes. It is recommended not to make gallons and gallons at a time but only one batch at a time to experience the full effect of the Colloidal Silver.

Please do further study on the benefits and dangers of Colloidal Silver. The information outlines in this tract are for educational purposes only.

F.O.Y. is not responsible for any problems or possible side effects that may arise from using Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is not to be used in place of a Doctor or Physician. Use at your own risk!

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