You are the ‘cover’ ~ judged by pages you read
I AM “the Book” ~ My Words, you need
You are the candle, shining at night
I AM the Flame, alive in its Light
You are the harp, someone strums
I AM the melody, your voice hums
You are the kite, raised up to soar
I AM the Power, girding you for more
You are the flower, with an open cup
I AM the stalk, ever holding you up
You are the wheat, rippled by breeze
I AM the wind, blowing to seize
You are the soul, with desert thirst
I AM the Living Water ~ quench Me first
You are the vessel, formed from My clay
I AM the potter, refining you My Way
You are the preparation, to enter The Kingdom
I AM the One helping, you to over – come
That you may enter the place, of Love & kin
I AM “The Door” opening, to welcome you in