Whatever is pure and lovely think upon these,
My Father’s Kingdom full of love, joy and peace,
Do not worry, fear nor look around but look above,
There is no fear in My Father’s perfect love,
Seek My Kingdom first and such peace you will find,
Lay down your burdens and leave your worries behind,
Do you not know that I know how to take care of Mine,
I feed the birds of the air and clothe the lilies of the field,
How much of more value are you with whom My Name is sealed,
I provided for Eliyah, the widow and her son with daily bread,
I preserved them during a time of famine and raised her son from the dead,
I blessed two fish and five loaves and five thousand of My taught ones were fed,
My child, life is more than food and drink,
Worrying about these will cause you to sink,
Into deep depression and its angry waves,
I AM the fourth Man in the fiery furnace and I will keep you from being burned,
I AM with you always-have you not learned,
I will not take you out of the fire but together We will go through,
I will never leave you, My child; For I love you,
Abide in My love and follow My Commands,
I AM holding you in the palm of My Hands.