Some claim their church, has extra understanding of Scripture

Only their church knows what’s really, within the ‘big picture’

Only theirs able to explain ‘all’, from Genesis to Revelation

Only their church contains, the remnant ‘chosen nation’

And if only outsiders realised, what their church knows

They’d envy members as so special ~ only special glows

With opportunity to pass tests; attain permit bait

Then proceed right through their version, of heaven’s gate

People can’t see how churches, are puffed up with pride

Material merely an adorned coating; unclean inside

Each building has the iconic spire, tower, or steeple

Often lit up like Rudolph ~ an effort to ensnare people

Come to this circus; leave your mind at the door

As only leaders give doctrines; only they ‘have the floor’

Get charged admission, to sit thru’ their show

Made to promise to pay more, before allowed to go

Yet leaders preach a false truth, therefore a false peace

Their real agenda is the church, & themselves increase

Sun – day meetings, casually professed as fine

Sugar coated evils ~ are still poison & slime

Words of pagan origin, dismissed as “doesn’t mean that now”

Yet Satan remains the same ~ his name changed, how ?

If only people could see, what really is written

If only they understood, how not to get bitten

Surely they would exit, as fast as they can

Not rely on the teachings; dismiss agendas of man

Research the Scriptures, honour the Word of YAH

Remove the control; and treat all others at par

If only they’d want to attain, His protective seal

If only they’d accept, His precious Name as real

If only they could see, abominations cause YAH pain

They’d really start yearning to receive, His ‘latter rain’