“If they won’t hear your words , they won’t hear Mine”

Reminds our Save-Yah to believers, trying to re-align

Twisted teachings of Scripture, from the evil one’s side

Who seek to prevent anyone, becoming the Loving Bride

Bombard intense fears towards anyone, seen as ‘brave’

As ruining the Marriage Supper, means no one to save

The restful Peace promised, replaced by agony & strife

Plotting endless torture, instead of your Eternal life

Praising Ba’al ~ not YAH, is dangerous to do

Remember JC is a myth ~ can no way, save you

Realise Satan & Santa ~ separated only by ‘floating n’

Refuse abominations promoted, by pompous men

Self-appointed above you, therefore your ‘guiding light’

Somehow think they ‘stand tall’, and insist they are right

Yet blind many eyes to Truth, found within Scripture’s verses

Leaving twisted lies which so anger YAH ~ He turns into curses

Still too proud to admit wrong, or too arrogant to care

Prefer having control over you, & piles of money over there

Their comfy lifestyle squashes out, all that really matters

So ensure they’re never the ones, with their lives in tatters

Convinced they won’t really have to face, any Higher ‘elite’

Claim that’s who they are; don’t even care how much they cheat

As know they work for, the, who looks after his own’

No suffering of sweat by toil, labouring aches, & groan

Such backbreaking work ~ is beneath their life station

Elites belong to the group ~ controlling every nation

Sadly those so far up, have so far down to fall

And when they do, it’ll be for once & for all

If your life remains in danger

~ urgently escape all poisonous lyin’

Set Apart by : “If they won’t hear your words,

they won’t hear Mine ! “