That is right, the “Imposter tour” stops at Flea Market! Well, actually this will be the first of many stops at various flea markets, fairs, festivals and other summer time events! As many of you know the F.O.Y. ministry has been going every where we are able to venture to. Our main agenda is to share the Besorah to all. In this process we want to also warn the people of the coming Strong Delusion. The Strong Delusion which leads up to the unveiling of the Imposter! Each event we do takes a lot of time. Each showing involves months of planning and preparing.

Anyone off the streets is invited just as the parable of the wedding feast states: Since this earth age is entering into the ninth inning, the F.O.Y. ministry wanted to pump up the volume so to speak, in getting this prophetic message out there. When doing showings, guests normally show up due to our advertising. They are drawn in either through radio broadcasts, the newspaper ads, and fliers or simply by word of mouth. This time however, we wanted to reach even more people! Now more than ever, us, Temple Builders must be working while it is still light before the darkness comes. Therefore, we decided to take advantage of the long weekend by setting up a booth at a local flea market!
What better way to kick off the summer than with a bang! Since the economy continues to be in an ever increasing slumber state, more and more people are cutting corners any way than can to save money. They are looking for cheap deals on good quality new and used stuff. What better place to find just what they need than at a flea market! Of course, us called out ones know the most important matter we all need is Yahushua! Therefore, we journeyed out to share the Besorah while Blowing the Ram’s Horn to all that thirst.

With two weeks to plan, the F.O.Y. ministry got out our tackle boxes! We burned and printed hundreds of DVD’s. Even though this was a small flea market we had a great time. We met a family there doing vendor work. After spending some time with them they invited us to stay on their property for free while we set up at the National Cherry Festival! What a wonderful blessing this will be for us.

Here is the wonderful huge 8 ½ feet by 3 feet Tour Banner! We’ve wanted to get one for a very long time but didn’t have the funds. Actually the waiting to purchase this turned out to be a great benefit for us. Most banner’s this size easily cost anywhere from 100 to 200 bucks but we were able to get this banner for only $42.00 bucks plus shipping charges! What a great eye catcher at a very affordable price.

And we also have wrists bands, pens and bumper stickers (not shown).

Sister Felicia opening the box of pens that just arrived in the mail.

Need a pen? We got plenty!

These wristbands read, “ – The Answer is in the WORD!”

These wristbands read, “ – The Answer is in the WORD!”

Here we are at the Copemish Mi, Flea Market

Sister Felicia and Sister Linda

Brother Michael and Sister Linda

(left) Daniel, Michael and Sister Linda (far left)
fellowshipping with some fellow flea market vendors who
came to eagerly take some of our movies.

This is so much fun.
Fellowshipping and giving away free stuff!