Traverse City, Michigan – National Cherry Festival June 29th- July 6th It’s not called the NATIONAL Cherry Festival for no reason. Traverse City is the Cherry Capital of the

world! Driving through the rolling hills of the Traverse City farmland will sure to please the scenic sightseeer.

You can drive for miles and see nothing but rolling hills of cherry orchard after cherry orchard.

Every year cherry spectators come from around the country for this national festival. If you go to every gift shop,

welcome/visitor center, or gift shop in the USA and if it’s there,they have it “cherry themed”. Apparel, socks, slippers, swim wear, pet clothes, dog leash and collar, hats, belts, mugs, pens, rocks, candy, bookmarks, shoes and jewelry.

The list is endless, every type of souvenir you can think of, it was there. Not to mention the large variety of cherry foods they had to offer in the festival and a “Cherry Queen” beauty pageant. Everything for the cherry enthusiast. This festival is so well known around the nation that Food Unwrapped even did an episode on it!

Sitting around thinking of where the next showing could be and checking out all the local events in the vicinity of northwest Michigan. We decided to get a booth at the Traverse City National Cherry Festival and gave away lots of DVDs!

At the festival there was a living statue. Daniel got his picture taken with him. It looked so real! He dropped a coin in the pot and the living statue came to life, played his guitar and flipped Daniel’s hat backwards.

On the way out we saw a Christian street witnessing. Michael walked up and gave him a DVD.
Street witnessing to the street witnesser!

Photos from

The National Cherry Festival 2013. Traverse City, Michigan.

Cherries… Cherries… Cherries!

Locally grown cherries

Fresh Picked Cherries

Cherries in a cup!

The dazzling view from the ferris wheel!

Fourth of July Fireworks

We loved it so much, you might even get to see us there next year!