Winter down here in the Florida Keys was good while it lasted. We tried to skip Winter, but it looks like when we leave Key Largo Florida that Winter is unavoidable! We certainly picked a good year to skip Winter because the entire country except southern Florida has been hit hard. Even Orlando wasn’t spared the cold weather. Tallahassee is in the single digits! Just last Winter L. McGuire wrote about the “Winterless Winter of 2011/2012“. I can’t wait to see what L. McGuire has in store for us in the next newsletter about the Winter of 2013/2014. As much as we love it here at the beautiful “Point of View RV Resort” in Key Largo, Florida; we are excited to head over to Texas. We have a wedding to attend to and can’t wait to visit with our dear friends, the Davis family. We stayed with the Davis family on their ranch in the Winter of 2010/2011. We had a great time!

Before we head on over to Texas, we can’t forget to tell you about our stay here in Key Largo. That’s right, the Imposter tour has been to the Florida Keys. We went to the Big Pine Key Flea Market all the way down to the Big Pine Key just past Marathon, Florida. Gave away about 20 DVDs. Even though the quantity of DVDs given away were small, they are there teaching whomever was led to freely receive one. Besides, the fact that the Florida Keys are so small of an area compared to any other city we’ve been to. Here are some pictures of our visit to the Big Pine Key Flea Market.