YAH’s invitation is the ‘only way’, you’ll be Set Apart
RSVP to follow His commandments, from the very start
Promise to Love YAH all you can; try to keep Him first
Seek His Will at all times; avoid becoming cursed
Don’t make an idol of any person, place or a thing
Revere YAH above all, and to Him forever bring
Your love & your soul, together with Scripture learning
Trying the best you can; your flame brightly burning
Agree His chosen Sabbath ~ be given its rightful place
Embrace all His Truth; receive His gift with grace
By showing your esteem, for YAH & the Seventh Day
You’ve learned what is meant, by the ‘only Way’
Is why you won’t murder; will refuse to be jealous
Won’t steal from another, or commit any malice
Won’t falsely accuse others; state any outright lies
And watch you don’t cause, someone’s painful cries
Then you can anticipate, YAH’s protective seal
Look to millennium blessings; enjoy a life surreal
To honour YAH’s invitation, and be among His Set Apart
Open this invitation every day, RSVP with your heart