It Is I coming to you ~ don’t be afraid
My Words True, warm, openly displayed
I do not lie nor cheat; have nothing to hide
It is I calling you, as your friend, and guide
All those who hunger, I welcome to eat
All who thirst, I give Water to complete
Renewing their spirit, so it blends with Mine
Giving only Pure Light, that will glow & shine
Lit from My Lamp, which has an Eternal Flame
Ever esteeming YAH, and His precious Name
No longer need you fumble, in dark and fear
You can call out to Me, and know I hear
Your words, your thoughts, your actions too
They build relationship, between Me with you
It is I coming back again ~ don’t be afraid
My plans are ready; won’t be delayed
It is I calling to gather friends, into My gate
All who answer, know I’m never late
Like the Friend I AM, instructions are clear
It is I there to meet you; It is I ever near
It is I Who is coming, to help you: overcome
Teach you a melody ~ you can’t help, but hum
So you lift YAH, with your love, and praise
It is I lifting you up ~ your soul I raise