Why are women still being exploited, only 2nd. classed ?
Thought some ‘lesser species’; relegated ‘lower caste’
Said to be worthless, born only servant – slaves
Have we not progressed at all, from living in caves ?
No Dear Lady, this never was our Creator’s intent
Was ‘corruption’ who twisted ’round, what was really meant
Men & women are different, Yah gave each their place
Yet given similar bodies, have likeness of face
Equally created in the image, of our Living Eloah
Both asked to follow where, our Dear Master has trod
Holy Spirit is graciously given, to all who will believe
And equal portions grace the soul, of either who receive
Both are here through, the process of birth
Even our Dear Master came, this way to earth !
Each needs to grow, be nurtured to learn
Both need teaching ~ can’t automatically discern
Good from evil, & tell right from wrong
Both have to discover, just where they belong
Each is given choice, whether they’ll return
To have Truth alive, & in their hearts let burn
So why this injustice, from age unto age ?
End confusion now ~ read the same page !
Open our understanding, see what’s really there :
“Both to be respected, & always treated fair
All to Love others, & serve the best they can”
Is what’s really written in, our Creator’s plan