Many ministers, when preaching today
Claim forgiveness is just, a prayer away
No matter the crime, you did or do
A prayer that’s uttered, absolves you
Why no mention, of the victim’s name ?
They need relief, from the guilt & shame
Usually what happened, was not of their doing
Yet the criminal’s the one, who gets the wooing
ALL that hurt, become ” o n e s i n n e e d ”
ALL need healing, from that dastardly deed
Not all victims, have Loving family around
To help unleash, the emotions bound
Why do Preachers, often fail to see
The victim needs Love ?, so they can be
First to walk, the ~ forgiveness road ~
Have wounds healed, by goodness showed
When pulled apart, by abuse and crime
Finding ‘life’ again, always takes time
So judges, preachers, & all those ‘in power’
Should remember what’s said, can help ~ or sour
Chances for the victim, to make a fresh start
Justice & forgiveness, is that vital first part
Yes, we must forgive others ~ forgive ourselves too
Only then are we forgiven, made whole & new