Obey or justify ~ that is the problem
Do we follow The Spirit, or follow ‘them’ ?
“He knows my heart, therefore it’s quite OK”
There’s no need to remind, what His Words say
~ Cause they tell ~ not suggest, we do as He asks
Includes certain things; not choices, but tasks
‘Stay away from evil’, means more than ‘don’t look’
Re-naming to smother it; & keep closing His Book
Our pagan – based festivals, are clearly wrongs
Regardless of our ‘sentiment’, our actions, our songs
That He looks on the heart, means we must too
Then decide for sure, what we can & can’t do
All Sunday worships, remain: abominations
Yet esteeming The Sabbath, causes sensations
Many justify Halloween, as ‘harmless and fun’
When it degrades Him, Who’s our Set – Apart One !
Christmas and Easter, produce more justifying
Claimed true religion; really Faith denying
Even Thanksgiving’s not, as appears to be
Plus reduced to food, excesses, give ‘me’
One day we’ll wake up, to what’s wanted of us
Submit to His Will, quietly without fuss
Not deciding for selves, wrong from right
And doing only what’s pleasing, in His sight
We should look to His heart, our actions praise
Instead we justify how much, each person ‘obeys’