Millions proudly not ‘anti-Christ’, yet strongly anti-Messiah
Refuse to embrace the true Name; accuse you, as ‘the liar’!
Only allow church doctrines; obey whatever they do & say
Casually dismiss the Torah request, for Sabbath on 7th day
Blindly add to customs passed down, age to present age
Yet millions arrogantly boast, only they are right, and sage
Somehow that ‘Old Testament stuff’, is long since left behind
As no longer applicable; seems their ‘scriptures’ really don’t mind
Preferring the pagan day, performing many a ‘religious rite’
Ignoring how such abominations, magnify their plight
Millions have become so caught up, in sticky webs of lies
Stubbornly proclaim they ‘know best’; only they, own ‘the prize!’
Millions of compliant followers, will fall for ‘strong delusion’ bait
Marry the wrong messiah; ~ & not find out ’til too late ~
The ‘Son of Perdition’, is now their wedded groom
Making ‘Til death do us part’ ~ an ever exploding gloom
Millions were willingly led, into endless, unpardonable strife
Can’t undo those promises made ~ no ‘rest’ of their life
YAHUSHUA closed the door, claiming ‘you, I never knew’
‘Enter not My Kingdom, as your hearts were never true’
All professing to ‘know best’; closed minds to every warning
Are left awake to Truth ~ writhe in agony, and mourning
Too proud to receive YAH’s Truth; robbed by ‘we know best’
Removed offer of being among, the humble who know ‘rest’