Life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness
All men created equal ~ yet some made less
If born female then still, without equal rights
Not a man, so never equal, in some men’s sights
Thought owned as cattle, dogs, or slave
To be kept ‘under thumb’, by those who crave
To puff themselves up, be ‘in total control’
Yet decisions they make, crush her very soul
As woman you’re ‘nothing’, but for his pleasure
Born to fetch, carry & serve, to his leisure
He can kick, slap, & yell, as he pleases
Makes the woman cower ~ until she freezes
Yet demands she get up, & him feed
Will force himself on her, whenever ‘his need’
Can’t control himself; only bullies control others
Won’t see anyone as equal, sisters & brothers
What happened to “loving the other, as himself” ?
Protecting & caring, above all else
Loving her as precious, his one soul mate
Reminding how she alone, ups his heart rate
Nowhere is written, our Saviour yelled demands
Or barked out orders, & selfish commands
He showed endless patience, love & compassion
Never once put understanding, on sale or ration
His desire was always, serve, help & heal
Gave advice how to love, live, & feel
Showed concern & fairness, to one & all
Offered liberty to any, who heeded His call
Respectful towards women, in manner & face
Exuded His presence, with strength & grace