This Living Water, cleanses your soul
Freshens & fills, makes you whole
Whenever you thirst ~ take a drink
Refill your cup ~ to the brink
Words cascade, like a water fall
Flow to the spirit, of one & all
Giving comfort, direction & peace
Showing how, blessings increase
Then like a fountain, Love will soar
From the pool, that will gently pour
Renewed life ~ fresh from the giver
Gushes in you ~ it’s a geyser, a river
This Living Water, is our own spa
This pure spring, travels near & far
From a well so deep, it won’t run dry
More crystal clear, than sea or sky
Maybe a trickle, a rill or stream
Downpour, light rain, spray or beam
Ebb tide, or flooding sea
Please, Living Water ~ shower, on me