If you love Me you will love one another,
If you love Me you will not talk against your sister or brother,
Do not murmur and complain nor find fault with another,
But love, be kind, forgive and pray for one another,
If you have been offended or hurt by one of your sisters or brothers,
First, in love, face-to-face go and speak to that sister or brother,
Do not share his or her offense with a group or with another,
This is gossip which will spread and will hurt your brother,
Speaking against your brother is unloving and unkind,
It is gossip and slander which leads to breaking commandment number nine,
If you can’t love them whom you can see,
How can you love My Father who sent Me,
I died for everyone upon the cruel tree,
Each child is precious and very dear to Me,
It does not matter who is in the right and who is the wrong,
Unforgiveness and bitterness turns into hatred when held too long,
Without love for one another to Me you are but a sounding gong,
Swallow your pride, learn how to love and forgive and you will get along,
No one has greater love than this; that one should lay down his life for his friends,
All things will pass away but in My Father’s Kingdom love never ends,
If you love Me you will love one another,
For the world will know you are Mine if you love one another.