A thing of beauty, is the graceful Menorah
You can actually touch ~ part of written Torah !
This Lamp to the World, emits gleaning
As each part of it, has so much meaning
The shape of Menorah, resembles a tree
Reminding us, where our heart should be
As this “Tree of Life”, and all it gives
Holds the “Spirit of Life”, ~ which within us lives !
Arms are raised skywards, in worship praise
Each glowing fire will burn, for all our days
Has a centre Light, raised slightly above
Represents one who serves, with humility, Love
Our Messiah as servant, gave us His all
That we can choose “Life”, by heeding ‘The Call’
This centre Light desires to share, its flame of fire
Enlightening those, who strive for higher
Each then stretches this Light, again & again
Touching persons who alone, crumble & wane
Once joined together, all become stronger
Faith glows brighter, the Lamp burns longer
Warmly reflected, in Menorah’s Light
Seeing Truth & Love, with clear insight
Centre Light is ‘The Lamb’ ~ the core “Centre Peace”
This Living Word teaches : Love increase
The Menorah tree’s branches, are reaching out
Its roots hold firm, allowing Truth to sprout
Eventually we’ll wake up, be gathered, enfold
Purified as silver, then refined as gold
The “House of Yisra’el” and the “House of Yahudah”
Will re-unite forever ~ because of the “Save-Yah” (Saviour) !!