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Modesty… what happened to it? Why has modesty not become an issue in our society today? For hundreds of years it was a requirment for men and women to dress modestly. But why not now, in the 21st century? What was it that caused the modesty issue to fade away?
How should a woman dress? What do the scriptures say about this? 1 Timothy 2:9, “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.”
The above verse tells us that a women should dress in modest apparel (clothing), without feeling shameful. Braiding the hair, shiny gold, pearls or costly (expensive) array (clothing) should not make the women. She should be wearing meekness and humbleness!
So, what started all the lustful, improper dress for women? The start of WW1 was the beginning of a major change in the way women would dress. By the time the feminist movement came on the scene, most had forgotten what modesty meant. Short sleeves and lower necklines started in the 17th century. Clothes seemed to be get tighter and tighter by the 18th century. By the 19th century clothes were extremely tight.
On more than one occasion, I have witnessed as the third person, how much men enjoy looking at the female anatomy. It does not matter if the man’s wife is present or not. The animal instincts kick in, the eyes are fixed and set on the prey. All life around the object(s), at that moment in time, seems to come to an abrupt hault! Yes, the female anatomy is one of the biggest temptation men are faced with! The Messiah told us that a man could lust after a women in his heart, just by looking at her (Matthew 5:28)! Regardless of his marital status, he is committing adultery. If you happen to be one that struggles with this sin (you are not the only one). Satan, you know the one who likes to tattle on the brethren, knows this as well. That is why we all need to work together! We need to confess our sins, ask for forgiveness, then pray without ceasing. We need to put on the whole armour of Elohim including the mind of Mashiach! Even women can get involved by dressing more modestly. Women should not want to cause a brother to stumble. But modestly does not start with women. Men have their part that they take in a role of modesty. The following is a time-line of fashion throughout the years.

Down throughout the ages, modest has gone from classy, to casual and slowly down into the dead end road of indecency. Not only are men and women wearing less than their undergarments in public; they have gone backwards! Men believe they are women, dressing more provocative then women in their natural state. Not only are men and women dressing as the opposite gender, but they are even taking hormonal replacements to completely reverse their gender. With the end result completely unrecognizable!
Setting the gender confusion to the side, oddly enough society doesn’t take regard for modesty anymore. Back before the 1900’s, people would have been looked down upon, shunned or even stoned with rocks (in scriptural days) if they dressed the way they dress today. Nowadays people become famous celebrities, or popular, if they are immodest. You are considered weird in the eyes of most society if you dress modestly? Sounds backwards, if you ask me. We need to ask, “What is it that I must do to be modest?”

Jeremiah 6:17,”Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet…”

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Shalom and Greetings!  May All Called Out Ones around the world,  Praise Yahuwah! We here at the FOY Ministry have some exciting news to share. We have updated our entire website! You will see the updates as we begin to publish the pages…

“Abomination of Desolation!”
By L. McGuire

Everything playing out right here, right now on the world stage is being orchestrated to deceive you! The satanic agenda to enslave every man, woman, and child through the current mass vaccination program is being unleashed upon humanity. Brothers and Sisters, the book that the prophet Daniel was told to seal has been unsealed. Learn firsthand how the current mass vaccination agenda was foretold.

By L. McGuire

“The dark winter”, beloved ones, I feel is on the horizon! Please prepare now! This will be a double, triple, possible quadruple whammy! I’m talking, food shortages, power outages, cyber-attacks and since the sheeple has now been vaccinated, just as snakes shed their skin, they too will be shedding something!

FOY Bitchute Channel is now up and running. Come check us out over on the Bitchute Channel.  We have been using the YouTube platform, in blowing the ram’s horn on the end time deception since 2007! Recently YouTube has been censoring all content. This has resulted in many of our videos being removed. This also led to our channel receiving strikes. Strikes lead to time out, where one cannot post any videos for a certain amount of time. Once our channel receives a strike, we slow up on posting. A few months ago, we had 2 strikes! When a channel receives 3 strikes within a certain amount of time, the channel is removed.

“Deciphering the Mark of the BEAST”
By L. McGuire

Many of you are about to get bit by the snake, if you do not take heed to how poisonous the snake truly is to your eternity. Most of you have only heard lukewarm, watered down versions of what the Mark of the Beast is. Those wolves in sheep’s clothing, have literally missed the mark! In Deciphering the Mark of the Beast, the entire plot is exposed. You do not want to miss this! Open your eyes and behold what is playing out on the WORLD stage right here, right now!

By L. McGuire

Time for the world to receive this end time message! “The GREATEST SHOW on EARTH” is about to be played out on the world stage! Get your preview right here only at the FOY ministry! This 3-part series is a must watch.  The FOY ministry breaks down the end time deception in three parts.

By L. McGuire

For the Greatest Show on Earth, to be a complete success, the Third Temple in Israel must be built. This is a MUST watch! The wedding invitations have been sent out! Learn how President Donald Trump along with the Freemasons, will push for the unholy alliance. Their timetable is that the Mahdi, the Jewish and Christian Messiah will be on the world stage in 3 to 5 years.

By. L. McGuire

The last prop that will be used in THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, is the world’s largest hadron collider which is in Geneva. CERN stands for ‘European Center for Nuclear Research’ then again maybe it stands for C.E.R.N Center for Extraterrestrial Research and Neutralization. Whichever one you prefer; this gigantic machine has been the talk of numerous conspiracy theories.

By L. McGuire

I have stated throughout many FOY materials that, the satanic elite always tell the sheeple their plans before they do it! The problem is, the sheeple just do not take heed as they are too self-absorbed into this fallen world. If they get their cheap thrills, or their daily dose of pills from doctor feel good, they are content as to them ignorance is bliss! The storm is here folks, as President Donald Trump warned, plus we see their satanic announcement.

“The First Purge!”
By L. McGuire

I asked you all to pay special attention to a recent movie that was released called, “The First Purge”. Remember what the Scriptures state, “The last shall be first and the first last!” (Matthew 20:16) “The First Purge” (the Apocalypse now) is really about the Last Purge against Believers.

They Live & Snakes Shed their Skin…
By L. McGuire

Now it gets interesting, as those who been fully jabbed do not have to wear masks indoor or outdoor plus no social distancing! As believers, you all must prepare now spiritually. Like never before, YOU must take action now! REPENT, HOUSE OF YISRAEL! Then RISE UP, time to become WORKERS IN YAHUWAH’S VINEYARD! Soon, YOU will be called up, to give MEAT in this SEASON!


L. McGuire

Shalom and Greetings. This is a quick video I am dedicating to all the naysayers out there. You know who you are. We know too, as you all be stumbling, walking around half dazed and confused. The wool has been pulled over your eyes. Reality is about to smack you across the face. Now, wake up! Here is more proof of what we here at the F O Y Ministry has been warning you all about before the weapon was unleashed.

“Nothing to see here if you are YTube…”

L. McGuire

Journey down the rabbit hole. Some things the you know who’s don’t want you to see or know!

“End Game”
By L. McGuire

The Satanic Elite’s agenda has always been to enslave every man, woman and child. Decades worth of planning, manipulating, brain washing by means of predictive programing is coming to fruition. The End Game is here folks!

“Heads Up!”
By. L. McGuire

Various videos that you all need to watch and take heed to! Now more than ever, you all need to be leaving the cities, villages, towns and get out dodge! They will be going door to door. Take a look at what other countries our doing, might help you get an idea of what is coming! For instance do you know what QR codes are? Well, if you don’t have one then you cannot buy or sell or own business! How do you get one? By taking the gene altering va666in! Also, learn why people who take that gene altering va666in are becoming magnetic and how this was foretold back in 1995.GGGGG and the va666in are like hammer and nails which is gonna hurt those who receive it!
























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