Adam saw the grounds cursed, with thistles and thorns
From then on mankind, frequently cries and mourns
We see so much sadness, sickness, and selfish sins
So many times evil tramples, blames, and wins
Only some understand, how endless evil grows
Takes more than eyes to see, what The Spirit knows
Our precious Messiah wore, a painful crown
Of thorns on His head, causing a grieving ground
To become the receiver, of His blood so red
This atoning blood, He so willingly shed
Caused by various ‘thorns’, that pierced His skin
The ground cried out ~ and cursed this sin !
But more than earth will be renewed, by cleansing fire
Out will go the cruel, greedy, the power-hungry, & liar
In will come believers, with renewed hope, & breath
Spirit-filled understanding, spares them final death
Thistles and thorns replaced, by plants and flowers
Only those who learned of the Ruach’s, mighty powers
Will be rejoicing in, more than their eyes just see
Sweet fragrances abound, and only sounds of glee
Will be heard, as the earth now gently sighs
Joining those who loved with understanding
~ more than just eyes !