I was once a big shot who had such small plans,
now I’m humbled to be placed in someone else’s hands.
It’s my end to a beginning and a beginning of an end,
I’ve made bad mistakes but I’ve also made good friends.
It’s funny how time goes by slower than we want it to,
yet faster than we need it to when we’re with our crew.
It’s harder to say “I love you” than it is to just say “hi”,
and in eternity’s light we’ll never have to say “goodbye”.
A picture’s been painted and a chapter’s been done,
but the race is still running and the fight is far from won.
The people are now asking “who, what, where,
how and why?”, so have faith and your answers
will come in YAH’s time.
Prices paid, wisdom gained.
Running hard,
reaching stars.