They are man’s traditions,
Then Why do you care?
They are from all religions
That man seems to share.
Nimrod, Zeus and Mithra,
Venus, Mars and the Sun,
Saturn Neptune and Rah.
Man sure did have some fun!

They are mixed into a melting pot,
Adding to it, man just won’t stop.
You follow behind them like a robot.
Your head keeps spinning like a giant top,
Not caring where you’ll end up next.
Can’t you read in between all the text?

Yahuah has all that you need,
He is only waiting for your plead.
It is not too late to turn away.
He wants you to come to Him and stay.

Man’s traditions may be very fun,
But there’s one thing you have not yet done.
Turn to Yah and seek His Mighty face,
He only wants to give you all His grace.
Learn His Feast Days, and try them yourself,
It may do some good, to your own health.
Try them and you will finally see…
That Yah’s way are the only ways to be!

Day One through six you sweat and groan,
Day seven… it’s all Yah’s and your own!
Remembering Yah’s Deliverance,
Cleanse your soul, the sin you shall rinse!
When you blow Yahuah’s ram’s horn,
It is the people you are to warn!
Praying and fasting you shall do,
Til your spirit becomes renewed!
The best one of them all is next,
Get your sleeping bag and your tents.
The Last Great Day you must know.
We’ll see all Yah’s estseem He has to show!

Now don’t you see, it will not hurt,
To try Yahuah’s only ways?
He tells in His own word,
Man’s traditions will lead you astray!
They may only make you popular,
Fitting in with Satan’s prey!

Yah has His seven Feast Days,
Satan has his twelve plus pagan days.
The line has been drawn on the ground,
The truth has EVEN been found.
It is up to you to decide:
Seek Yah’s face or run and hide.

The time will come soon,
You’ll be blown away too!
As Yah will tell you…
“They’re right, My ways are true!”