I was hurt yesterday.
Now today I must choose,
Will I be a victim or a survivor?
Will I overcome this or will I loose?
Yesterday is forever gone;
It can hurt me no more.
Today I must be brave,
I will walk through the foor.
I choose to overcome
All the hurt, agony, and pain,
I will let it make me a stronger person
As strength from others I gain.
Then in turn I will help,
As others I come to know,
Need the strength I have gained,
I will not be afraid to show.
I may never understand why
This has happened to me.
But I will shoose to live on
And this is as it should be.
I will forgive completely
So they can hurt me no more,
And let the Law, upon them
Close the jailhouse door.
This pain will surely end,
And just how soon it does
Is really up to me
And that is the way it is, just because.
I don’t want to dwell in the past
But live each day to its fullest
Grasp each and every opportunity
And live life as its best!