“No one should oppress others ~ it kindles My wrath !
I may release My fury ~ and all I hath
To show Who’s in charge, & Who pulls the strings
Prove I really AM that I AM ~ King of Kings ! ”
Master of Masters, & Lamb of YAH !
But this time I use fire, & an Iron Rod
To smite all those, who willingly disobey
My Word & Power, crushes their disarray
All their kingdoms, possessions & sects
Will know how My Word ~ “disinfects”
Putting them in, the oppressed’s place
Leaves them little more, than a shameful face
Bottom of the heap, instead of smugly on top
Their brutal regimes, brought to sudden stop
Last becomes first, & first must wait for last
They’ll feel much hunger ~ be forced to fast
Too late to change, all the wickedness done
Should’ve worked fairness for all ~ not their own fun
With power removed, they’ve a long time to think..
“How far did they fall, how much further to sink ?”