We justify many sins, not considering them a crime
Yet when we err, someone utters: “you swine !”
The word swine contains “we sin” therefore may mean
Why Scripture informs us: ‘all swine is un-clean !’
To understand what, really was said
Listen to the Inner Voice, not just our head
Swine are pigs; enjoy wallowing in muck
Not known for decorum; live as slobs; okay yuck
People get called ‘pigs’, when their actions degrade
Those rude & aggressive, with manners ‘on fade’
So ‘pigs’ is a description, we try hard to avoid
Strive to be decent; not make others annoyed
Therefore those ~People Influencing & Glorifying Sin
Are the groups we decline; never want to join ‘in’
We’re asked to Love others, & offering to share
The Truth we’ve learned, despite life’s wear’ n ‘tear
By searching the Scriptures, we’ll find the reasons why
We never should resemble, or act like P.I.G.S. from a sty
Learn YAH’s Torah, so we gain more than a ‘clue’
How to be His sheep ~ not ‘P.I.G.S’, by what we say or do
Ask for forgiveness; try to remove the bind
Even tho~ ‘we sin’, we must never join to ‘swine’