The life you lead now, was already planned
All the pain & heartache, is by YAH’s hand
He chose the upsets, to unsteady you
Even picked where you reside, & what you will do
To esteem Him; be broken down fully, therefore ‘broken in’
By allowing you to know the effects, of another’s sin
Until we’re humiliated enough, into seeking why
We are pained so often, ache, and cry
We are asked repeatedly, to “endure & overcome”
Then we’ll be welcome to enter, His Highest Kingdom
No more exploitation, cruelty, or greed
Plenty of warm caring; no one in need
Finally with people, we freely Love & trust
Ending pains, betrayal, dealings unjust
Blessing will replace, the endless enduring
Calm will abound, easily occurring
Peace given to us, shared & flowing
Goodness & Light, emitted & glowing
YAH with us in person, to converse, & teach
We’ll understand more, because He’ll touch & reach
Our mind with His Word, our heart with His Love
Uncover the mysteries, known only above
His promises manifest blessings; our spirits raised
We’ll share with each other ~ YAH be praised !
We must believe He provides, all He revealed
As promised to be our Deliverer
~ touch each one, ’til healed