The Top 10 Eerie Covid-19 Predictions! DVD An FOY Film Production!

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The top 10 Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Predictions right here right now! Some of these are very eerie. Now is also the time to prepare spiritually. Like never before, YOU must take action now! Matters are spiraling out of control on the world stage. Big changes are coming! The only way YOU will make it through the coming darkness, is if you have STRONG FAITH in Yahuwah! Each of us will need to fully depend on Yahuwah for OUR every need! Digital Currency is coming along with ID2020.

What you really need to do, is quite simple folks, what BRIDE are you? Are you the Bride of Satan? Or the Bride of Yahushua?

If you are not right with Yahuwah, I beseech you to get right! There is still time to repent by that window is rapidly closing!

All who call on the name of Yahuwah shall be SAVED! Yahuwah told us to, “…listen to HIM [Yahushua] as outlined in Matthew 17:5.

“… My Name is in Him. (Exodus 23:21​) and then turn with me to John 5:43​, ““I have come in My Father’s Name… ” Indeed the Father’s name is in the Son’s name and the Son came in His Father’s name. Yahuwah (Yod-Hay–Waw-Hay) and are you ready for this? The Son does indeed have the Father’s name, Yod-Hay-Shin-Waw-Ayin-Hay.” Do you see that? I still get amazed over all this! They both bear witness to this.

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is an engineered biohazard weapon that has been unleashed upon the entire world. The Elites could very well be giving the entire world the one two punch! They have created the problem, unleashing total chaos, mayhem and pandemonium. Once x amount dies, then they will sell us the solution (mandated vaccination).

In the process, I strongly believe this will be the black swan to crash the global markets! The new system will be digital. ID2020 is coming. !As in times past, war is money. The Elites play both sides. All this is leading up to the GREATEST Show On EARTH! Get your FREE DVD’s NOW!!!



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