Why is corrupted Greek OK, but true Hebrew not
When it makes corrupted teachings, appear all we’ve got ?
The True Messiah came, in His Father’s Name
To spread the Truth ~ not seek fortune or fame !
We need to reach others, so they can see
The Messiah’s name is YAHUSHUAH ~ not J.C. !
YAHUSHUAH means: it is YAH Who will save
YAHUAH is in control; is the One Who gave
Us choice of salvation; our life’s eternity
But first we must find: some humility
Only then we’ll seek Scriptures, as they were written
But sadly until then ~ we’ll remain bitten
By poisonous lies, that bring us down
Be tied with chains, which keep us bound
Precious Mashiach breaks those chains, leaving just tatters
It’s only His Word ~ not men’s, which really matters
He proclaims YAHUAH, as His Father, His El
And explains who is: the true Yisra’el
This is your Eternal Life, we’re talking about
So praise YAH ! HalleluYAH ! give your grateful shout
Keep turning to YAH, & His Set-Apart Spirit
Treasure the Truth revealed; Love all that’s in it !