Definitely He is alive !! Yes, He is already risen !!
Now not only The Lamb, is released from this prison
This entire earth, can be washed from all sin
Set free from evil snares, Satan put us all in
We’re shown the path, to our Saviour’s Pure good
Washed clean by the Power, of His precious blood
Patiently He stands before us ~ gently He beckons us on
So let’s choose to obey now ~ before He is gone !
Then we can do more, than just touch His robe
As we can question, taste, sample & probe
His Word ~ His Truth, will always ‘rise to the top’
And no matter the test ~ it will never break, or stop
It’s there for eternity, to comfort & guide
Why we elect to become, His Loving bride
As groom He gives Love, His protection & care
Instructions to live by, near His side to share
All there is to have, when Blessings are released
We’ll go from famine on earth, to His ‘heavenly feast’
As we also will have risen, from our earthly state
Become ‘heavenly beings’, who willingly chose our fate
These blessings will allow us, to continually rise
We will have been awarded ~ the ultimate prize !!