“Shabbat” embraces “A b b a”, which means: ” Father ”
Our heavenly Creator is one, Who would rather
We listen to Him, through His Spirit & voice
Take heed all He gives ~ before making our choice
Of action, of thoughts, of ways to be
Growing in Love, knowledge, spirituality
“Sabbath” also contains: the purifying word “Bath”
We need Living Water’s cleansing, as we walk the path
Guided by The Lamp, which Lights up The Way
Illuminates His Word, so we Love more, each day
“Sabbath” also includes: the letters: “S, A, & T”
Sat is what we do, each week ~ once we’re ‘made free!’
We understand ‘Sat’, as just one form of His rest
“The Sabbath” enfolds promises; “Be faithful, be blessed”